10 absolutely damn gadgets that live in my head without rent


Pool shark

This computer mouse and pool cue combination simulates “authentic pool action using a real pool stick” for playing PC games. Or at least that was the sales pitch when it launched in 2000. Note that this was not designed for a specific game: the PoolShark was marketed as a device that gamers could use for all games. billiards on PC. And it worked as well as you might expect.

Its scroll wheel is oriented horizontally, moving left and right rather than up and down, and sits above the mouse where the plastic forms a small hollow. This is where players perch their pool cues, hoping they’ve already cleaned half of their desk because the stick it comes with is over two feet long (the controller also works with tall cue sticks. size for more chaos). Moving the mouse adjusts the angle of your shot and the scroll wheel controls typing speed.

The PoolShark was reportedly slated to be the first of several golf, fishing and other sports themed PC controllers as part of a collaboration between gaming peripheral makers InterAct Accessories and Miacomet. The poor sales of PoolShark ultimately led to the abandonment of these plans. Still, you have to admire this level of undeserved confidence.

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