10 Best Mario Party Series Boards, Ranked

In fiscal year 2021, the Nintendo Switch sold more games than any other Nintendo console had in the company’s history. One of the heavyweights of this record year was Mario Party Superstarswhich has sold nearly seven million copies.

mario party has long been a staple game for Nintendo consoles, with twelve episodes released over the past twenty-three years. While all of these games found success with their Mario-themed board game, some boards in particular across the franchise topped the others, taking the game from fun to beautiful.


ten Eternal Star (Mario Party 1)

The Eternal Star board in Mario Part 1.

The final plank in the original mario party, Eternal Star is the final destination for players looking to defeat Bowser. In order to be able to play this board, players must beat all other boards and collect 100 stars through different gameplays. The stars are then stolen by Bowser, who escapes to Eternal Star to hide with them.

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The main draw of Eternal Star is the storyline and the Bowser-esque feel to everything. Instead of getting stars from Toad, players get them from Baby Bowser with Bowser Coins, and the goal is to defeat Bowser. The views are great too, with a space-themed background that really sets the astral vibe.

9 Pagoda Peak (Mario Party 7)

The Pagoda Peak stage in Mario Party 7.

This Chinese-Japanese-inspired board consists of two dojos in a small town atop a 4,000-year-old mountain. The council is led by Kung Fu Koopas, and the players’ final destination is the Master Koopa who sits on top of the mountain, waiting to sell them a star.

As one of the less Mario-themed boards, Pagoda Peak immediately stands out for its uniqueness in theme and layout. The hike up the mountain is treacherous, but well rewarded at the top. The star price is also constantly changing, adding another layer of complexity and intrigue to this picture.

8 Shy Guy’s Perplex Express (Mario Party 8)

A moving train in Mario Party 8.

This locomotive board is full of all sorts of unique twists, mostly drawing inspiration from the aesthetics of the Old West. The Shy Guy conductor at the front of the train will sell players a star, but they’ll need to watch out for bandits and moving train parts first to get there with enough parts.

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With no junctions, players on the Perplex Express must all take the same path, but this chart ensures the path is anything but boring. The routine movement of the train carriages, as well as the possibility of climbing on the roof, make this board unpredictable and a lot of fun. A coin bag can even be thrown into the engine and cause a chimney full of coins to erupt if that’s the case? space is landed.

7 Yoshi’s Tropical Island (Mario Party 1)

The Yoshi's Tropical Island tray in mario Party 1.

A tropical island paradise, Yoshi’s Tropical Island is a light-up solar board that gives good vibes and playtime. It takes place on an island inhabited by Yoshi, where a pink Yoshi is stuck on a small island surrounded by whirlpools and has need the players’ help to return to Watermelon Island to find the anxiously watching Blue Yoshi.

the original mario party was fantastic with his mission boards, and Yoshi’s Tropical Island was the best of the bunch. The story of rescuing a distressed Yoshi, while wandering through a tropic wonderland and dodging Thwomps makes it entertaining and uplifting. Bowser forcing players to stop and buy a faulty Bowser tube as they pass is unfortunate, but even that can’t dull the shine of the island.

6 Goomba’s Gourmet Gala (Mario Party 4)

The Goomba's Greedy Gala board in Mario Party 4.

A casino-inspired board with bright lights and a roulette wheel is meant to make it memorable mario party side games and funny. Goombas run all the shops and games, and players need to watch their bankroll to make sure they don’t lose too much on a spin. There are even Goomba card games that can be played to win items.

The casino themes are a home run, and Goomba’s Food Gala does a great job with it. The bright flashing lights and party atmosphere of the board make playing on this board a visual spectacle. The Mario spins on cards, slots, craps and roulette then seals the deal on a fantastic game for everyone. mario party fan.

5 Kamek’s Mouthwatering Tower (Super Mario Party)

Kamek's mouth-watering tower board in Super Mario Party.

The only unlockable board in Super Mario Party, Kamek’s Enticing Tower challenges players with Chain Chomps and Thwomps, but rewards them with the chance to buy two stars when they reach Toadette. The board also plays with chance, changing the price of stars after each purchase.

With impressive golden architectural features and even a giant statue of Kamek, this Super Mario Party board visually dazzles. Other than that, the gameplay is gorgeous, with exciting event spaces that can lead players to fortune by Toadies and attacked by the Chain Chomp guarded in the center of the board.

4 Waluigi Island (Mario Party 3)

Mario Party 3 Waluigi Island Board

One of the unlockable paintings of Mario Party 3 and the only one to have its namesake as a playable character, Waluigi Island is a sprawling industrial complex. The board features a number of islands, each with unique characteristics and game mechanics, from the starting dynamite island that can explode, to an island where every tile except the tile of the bank, change every turn.

With its varied island features amidst deep blue surf, Waluigi Island is undoubtedly one of the best boards in the game. Piranha plants direct cranes around the board and action time central controls where the players go. The island even has a storied history, with several secret references to Luigi subtly implying that he owned the council before before it came under Waluigi’s control.

3 Fair Square (Mario Party 6)

The Make Square board in Mario Party 6.

A lighted city with multiple levels and an abundance of Halloween decorations, Faire Square has some of the franchise’s most stunning visual features. The main feature of the board is the passage of daylight that occurs, which means that players can experience both day and night while playing a game in this city.

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This day/night dynamic also has different events happening that give stars. Games throughout Faire Square up the ante on the night, with the hat shuffling giving three stars instead of two and the slot game giving double the coins. During the day, the stars are given by the sun, Brighton, for twenty pieces of gold. At night, however, players can bet on the price, buying on the moon, Twila.

2 West Land (Mario Party 2)

The Western Land board in Mario Party 2.

The Wild Wild West Council of the mario party franchise, Western Land has a western red rock town highlighted by its train, Steamer, which travels across the board. Players who choose this board can also have their characters dressed as cowboys and given the title of Deputy in their name during gameplay.

A good western is always amazing, and Western Land is no different. On no other board can players see Toad wearing a cowboy, starting a hootenanny at the local milk store run by a Wiggler, and other moments. mario party memes. Arguably the biggest draw, however, is the cutscene prize awarded to the winner, which sees their character defeat Bowser in a high-stakes shootout.

1 City Tycoon of Koopa (Mario Party 8)

The Koopa's Tycoon Town board in Mario Part 8.

Introduced by MC Ballyhoo saying real estate is an incredibly dangerous game, Koopa’s Tycoon Town raises the stakes in every way in Mario Party 8. Players compete for dominance of various hotels around the three city blocks, potentially increasing their stake for stars. Beware, however, as other players may also increase their stake, stealing ownership of hotels as a result.

The layout of the town is colorful and decidedly urban, but it’s the gameplay that really is Koopa’s Tycoon Town’s calling card and what makes it the franchise’s best board. In addition to real estate competition, players can race around the block in Donkey Kong’s hot rod and Koopa’s taxi. The board even has secret hotels that players can control using lucky spaces, allowing them to truly dominate the city.

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