19 things you saw on the “Friends” set that you can buy for yourself

Some people watch reruns of “Friends” from time to time when they need to forget about climate change and capitalism. Some have seen it so much that they can quote large portions of many episodes. And then there are those people who love “Friends” so much that they dream of singing with Phoebe, shopping with Rachel, and sitting by the field at the Knicks game with Chandler and Joey. This one’s for you.

While you can’t actually sip cappuccinos with the band, you can make coffee at home in a Central Perk mug, wearing the same t-shirt as Monica. According to Tracy R. Gleason, a developmental psychologist who studies children’s relationships with imaginary companions, you might do better.

As Gleason puts it, feeling close to Ross or Joey can be categorized as a “parasocial relationship” or an imaginary one-sided relationship with a media figure or fictional character. It’s like an adult version of an imaginary friend, who can help you overcome your emotions and problems.

“Parasocial relationships can provide all kinds of social arrangements,” Gleason told Huffpost, “like affiliation, companionship, affection, and validation – you can imagine them endorsing you and whatever you do.”

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If you were aware of any of the speech by John Mulaney on Twitter last fall, you probably heard the term “parasocial relationship” more than once. Like most things that go viral, the term is widely used alarmistically, often by people who are unsure of what it means.

It is therefore not surprising that Thomas Baudinette, a cultural anthropologist specializing in the study of fandom, says parasocial relationships are much more nuanced than one might think.

“The concept of ‘parasocial relationship’ is often misunderstood, especially on social media,” Baudinette said. “Put simply, it’s a fairly neutral term that is used by researchers to explain and make sense of the sense of intimacy that devoted media / celebrity fans feel towards the object of their fannish affection.”

Baudinette added that connecting to a fictional character or a group of characters, like friends from “Friends,” can make you feel soothed and emotionally supported.

“Fans often speak of ‘comfort characters’ who provide them with specific emotional support and towards whom the fan feels a specific sense of intimacy,” he said.

While this “comfort” can function as a low-stake distraction (eg, turning on “Friends” before a first date when you’re nervous), Baudinette said it can also help you understand your own life better. . As you watch Rachel and Monica argue over candle holders when they are really sad for each other to move, you can think about the best way to communicate with your best friend during a big life transition.

<a href= Get yours "Central Perk" Amazon mugs." width=" 720 " height=" 491 " data-src="https://i1.wp.com/img.huffingtonpost.com/asset/618ed8f821000018826ff201.jpeg">

“The feeling of intimacy that develops represents a lens through which the fan makes sense of their relationships,” Baudinette said. “It is not a form of ‘illusion’ as some would say, but rather it is a critical reflective relationship where fans’ emotional interactions with [the fictional character they like] provide frameworks for interpreting the different problems they face in everyday life.

If “Friends” is your comfort show, wearing Joey’s Knicks jersey or putting your own yellow picture frame inside your police door can make you feel even closer to the gang. Instead of wearing specific fan gear, like a cropped top with the “Friends” logo with the little dots between the letters, you can hang up the “Girls” sweatshirt that Monica wears in her apartment or the “T-shirt” That Girl “that Phoebe plays soccer with. From kitchen gadgets to clothes, we’ve rounded up a ton of fun options of things worn or used on Friends that you can take for yourself.

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Ross’s “Frankie Say Relax” shirt (which Rachel wears to bed)

NBC via Getty Images

In one of their many infamous breakups, Ross and Rachel argue over who will keep the “Frankie Say Relax” shirt, followed by the heartbreaking scene in which Rachel shows off the box of all the little things she kept from theirs. relationships like a movie ticket and an eggshell. I have tears in my eyes thinking about it.

Get it from WellThreadedCo on Etsy for $ 18.99.

The yellow picture frame door hanger

NBC via Getty Images

Rachel’s “USA” long-sleeved T

Rachel’s half shepherd’s pie, half the bowl of trifle

NBC via Getty Images

In terms of salty and sweet fusion cuisine, Rachel might be on to something with her trifle of ground beef and jam. Yet, as you may remember, the gang was not into it. Take one of your own to experiment with your own layered desserts.

Get it from Crate & Barrel for $ 29.99.

Monica Homemade Pickles Kitchen Utensil Holder

Rachel’s “Girls” shirt and Monica’s “Girls” sweatshirt

Rachel’s birthday shirt

NBC via Getty Images

The silver candlesticks “I have to live with a boy”

NBC via Getty Images

As they say, parting is such a sweet heartbreak. Maybe that’s why Rachel and Monica got into a fight over the silver candlesticks instead of processing their emotions and sharing that they are going to be missed.

Buy them at Pottery Barn starting at $ 19.50.

Rachel’s “Drama” T-shirt

Despite all of her high-end tastes and fancy work at Ralph Lauren, Rachel loves fancy t-shirts. Grab this one to instill healthy boundaries and remember that some things just aren’t your problem.

Get it on TZshirts on Etsy for $ 20.70.

Joey’s White Dog Statue

NBC via Getty Images

When Joey gets his own seat, it’s no surprise his decor is … noisy. While you might not have room for a giant white dog statue, you can get a smaller one for your desk or nightstand.

Get it from FanCornerCreations on Etsy for $ 18.

Monica’s “Girlfriends” shirt

Rachel’s “Girls Boxing” shirt

NBC via Getty Images

Monica Giants Crewneck

NBC via Getty Images

Phoebe’s “That Girl” Shirt

Joey’s Ferrari hat

NBC via Getty Images

Rachel’s “Girls Football” jersey

Cheerschica on Etsy

Joey’s Knicks jersey

NBC via Getty Images

Remember the episode in which Joey had to look like a teenager for an audition? Even if you don’t, you can get your own Knicks jersey to feel like Joey pretending to be a teenager. Or just a Knicks fan.

Buy it from Nike for $ 58.97.

Central Perk Mugs

NBC via Getty Images

For all your coffee dreams, sip your own hot drinks from a Central Perk Tall Mug. Play “Smelly Cat” in the background for more atmosphere.

Get it on Amazon for $ 11.99.

Chandler’s “Jimbo’s Surfboards” shirt

by DEMII on Etsy

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