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The S240 is a great boat on and off the water.
Garrett cortese

Designed to bring more customer value and better value for money, Supreme’s all-new S240 delivers 24 feet of comfort and endless wave capabilities at a lower price point.

With a new running surface, higher freeboard and a unique hybrid arc, the S240 is nothing like previous versions of the model line. The S240 displays a more traditional sail line, which, combined with the shape and slope of the bow, makes it a superb boat on and off the water. The EZ-V hull, similar to sister company Centurion’s Opti-V hull, features a 20-degree deep deadrise at the transom. This gives the S240 a smooth ride in rough waters, while moving more water and lifting excellent surf waves.

S240 front seat
The interior is durable and comfortable.
Garrett cortese

To help create wakes and waves, the S240 is equipped with 4,800 pounds of ballast as well as the QuickSurf system. Choose which side you want to surf and a transom mounted surf plate deploys to create lift on one side of the boat and shift to the surf side. From there, a center-mounted transom plate can be adjusted to change the shape and attitude of the wave. With room for 14 people, it doesn’t take much for the S240 to produce wakes and waves that the entire crew can enjoy.

S240 bar
The captain can easily access all of the boat’s systems from the 7-inch touchscreen.
Garrett cortese

A new stainless steel tower nicely complements the polished lines of the S240. When fitted with the optional SewLong Bimini, shade is easy to find for almost any master cabin, and the Wet Sounds audio pack ensures that everyone can enjoy the music. The optional Roswell Bombshell 2.0 racks are versatile and among the easiest to use.

On board, the S240 offers safe driving, in part thanks to its higher freeboard. Seats are customizable with the sliding rear bench seat so the crew can turn rearward to catch the action. Spradling vinyl has a 17mm topcoat, which makes the interior durable and comfortable. At the helm, the captain has easy access to all the boat’s systems from the 7-inch touch screen.

S240 cockpit
When fitted with the optional SewLong Bimini, shade is easy to find.
Garrett cortese

Overall, the S240 is a great option for families looking to get into some water sports. It delivers versatile performance and ease of use in a simple, clean, and convenient form factor.

Strong points

  • Outside the Box (OTB) vinyl looks great and doesn’t get too hot.
  • Storage compartments on the transom are perfect for wet items or can be used as coolers.
  • QuickSurf can be customized to create an ideal wave for a variety of riders.
S240 performance data
Supreme S240 Certified Test Results
Nautical Review

How we tested

  • Motor: GM Marine L96 6.0L 400 hp
  • Drive / propeller: Acme 16 ″ x 13 ″
  • Gear ratio: 1.72: 1 Fuel charge: 59 gallons. Crew weight: 530 pounds

Pricing and Specs

Price: $ 128,285 (as tested)
LOA: 24’0 ″
Shine: 8’6 ″
Rough draft: 3’0 ″
Dry weight: 5,700 pounds
Ballast: 4,800 pounds
Seat capacity / weight: 16/2,500 lb
Fuel Capacity: 70 gallons.

Supreme ships – Valdosta, Georgia; 229-266-2062; supremetowboats.com

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