5 ways to use a Sprinter roof rack

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Van life has become one of the most popular forms of adventure and continues to grow. For those of us who like to get out and see new areas and explore nature, nothing comes close to getting your van out and having a whole new adventure inside. More practical and flexible than a motorhome, more powerful and capable than an adventure vehicle, the van lifestyle has so many advantages that it’s a no-brainer for adventure seekers.

When it comes to choosing which van you should invest in, there are several things to consider. Essentially, three great adventure van brands have earned their reputations for good reasons. The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, Ford Transit, and Ram Promaster are all premium adventure vehicles that each have their pros and cons.

Plus, the van life community is a fiercely passionate community that’s always ready to help with feedback, guidance, and advice to get the most out of your van adventures. Each of these adventure van models has their significant communities that are passionate about why their brand of van is best for adventures.

If you’re part of the Sprinter family, you know the key luxury experience that Mercedes-Benz brings to van life is addictive. Not only does Mercedes-Benz bring luxury craftsmanship, they combine it with dependable, dependable quality that will prove more than enough courage. So whether you’re heading west to explore the sandy canyons of Utah for the first time or heading north to the mountains of Vermont, the Sprinter is a reliable adventure vehicle.

Sprinter roof rack

One of the most essential aspects of van life is storage. This is where the minivan hits the sweet spot of bringing more diversity and economy than a full-size RV, and it has the storage similar to a 5th wheel without the hassle. However, there is not much storage you can fit inside. While this is important, any true adventurer will tell you that using your van’s roof capacity is a necessity.

The problem is that finding quality roof racks for the Sprinter can prove to be a challenge. Most brands offer bulky, tall, one-size-fits-all racks that can be difficult to secure. Some racks even require you to modify your Sprinter’s roof by drilling holes in it to make it more secure. It can work, but more often than not it’s not the best option.

So we set out to create the best option for a Sprinter roof rack, and the 144-inch-tall Low Pro Roof Rack was born. This roof rack is custom designed for Sprinter enthusiasts and easy to install with no roof modifications like drilling required. Not only that, but it’s been designed to be aerodynamic with a low profile that allows for reliable, dependable storage without increasing your Sprinter’s natural resistance.

So if you’re new to the Sprinter community, or maybe wondering how a Low Pro roof rack can help enhance your adventures, here are five ways to use your Sprinter roof rack.

1. Power up on the go

When you’re out in the open, one of the most critical aspects of your trip is the excitement of the unexpected. Whether it’s taking the scenic route or simply stopping for the night to explore an area because you want to, this is where memories of adventures are made.

The first thing you want to make sure you have in every situation is power. When your van is your home base, it’s necessary to find a way to make sure you can keep the power going. One of the best ways to do this is to use solar power. With adjustable crossbars, the Low Pro Roof Rack can accommodate any solar panel setup you might have and keep you powered up throughout your adventure.

2. Kayaking has never been so comfortable

Navigation equipment has always been a common use for roof racks. But if you’re heading out to explore Idaho, Michigan, or any area with lots of water, don’t do it without your favorite kayak. Tying down a kayak or two is no small feat with the security of the Low Pro roof rack that will reliably hold your gear in place.

Not only kayaks, but also surfboards and bike racks can all fit on your Lor Pro roof rack for all your adventures.

3. Shade for days

One of the best benefits of fitting a Low Pro roof rack to your Sprinter is that you can now have a shaded awning wherever you set up your base camp. So coming back to the van after a long day of surfing or climbing in the canyons can be relaxing when you open your favorite drink and sit down for a bit in the shade.

The Low Pro ensures you can have the stability needed for a manual awning while utilizing the space on top of the rack for more storage.

4. Keep the lights on

Whether you want to line the rack with spotlights or just add a few LEDs for easier storage navigation at night, you should use your roof rack for lighting.

5. Add a scale

A ladder is a feature you should add to your Low Pro roof rack. It will completely transform the way you interact with your roof rack and make storage and access much easier. Instead of storing and retrieving an absolute chore, with lights and a ladder installed you can easily access your roof rack no matter the time of day.


If you want to get the most out of your van adventure and improve the quality of your lifestyle, consider getting a roof rack for your Sprinter. This is a simple modification you can make to your van with great benefits.

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