7 new restaurants to try at Pier Village this summer


The Robinson Ale House. Photo by RC Staab

This summer, visitors to Pier Village may see something in Long Branch unlike any other shore town: a plethora of new eateries and other eateries opening their doors in a concentrated business district.

Over the past year, over 1,700 new condos or apartments have been completed along Ocean Boulevard, with restaurants and retailers filling the expanded commercial space on the ground floor of Pier Village. This means plenty of opportunities to dine while people-watching along the Long Branch Boardwalk or just taking in the ocean views.

Here are seven new dining options from Pier Village:

  • Salt steakhouse: Across from his successful LBK Grill kosher take-out restaurant, David Mizrahi has opened the largest kosher restaurant on the Jersey Shore. The upscale steakhouse is sure to draw crowds with its handsome bar and upscale interior. According to Mizrahi, the menu is a fusion of steakhouse, Mediterranean and Japanese cuisine with steaks, fish, sushi, sashimi, and wood-fired flatbreads.
  • Hummus republic: In its premier location on the East Coast, this Californian specialty chain offers the latest fresh alternative to deep-fried, calorie-dense strollers. While there is seating inside for enjoying authentic Mediterranean cuisine, many guests build their own wraps, bowls, or pitas and take them outside or to the beach. Hummus Republic offers vegan and gluten-free sauces and dishes. Falafel is made from scratch every day.
  • Robinson Ale House: A rare mid-priced, full-service alternative with meatloaf, pork chops and crab cakes for adults and chicken fillets for kids. With a well-established name (thanks to sister restaurants Asbury Park and Red Bank), a prime location opposite the Gazebo, and a large bar strategically located near the front door, the Robinson Ale House should do well. all year.
  • Kahuna Burgers: A handmade burger on King’s Hawaiian bun with crispy coconut, bacon, and hula sauce looks like what it takes for a hot summer day. No-burger options include homemade pulled pork with pineapple coleslaw, Hawaiian dry-rubbed mahi-mahi, and grilled ham and pineapple. Complete the meal with surf fries (bacon, green onions, hula sauce) and a toasted coconut or piña colada shake.
  • Mr. Wish: This Taiwanese fresh fruit tea company makes its first foray on the Jersey Shore at Pier Village. It offers dozens of tea-based drinks, from diced peach tea with fresh pulp to red bean pudding milk tea, as well as sparkling drinks and smoothies.
  • The bear in the oven: One peek inside the door and the sweet tooth begins to tingle. Treats include a gooey butter cake and blue Cookie Monster cookies, but the Baked Bear specializes in personalized ice cream sandwiches made with hand-made ice cream and assorted toppings stuffed between fresh cookies. Sandwiches can be quickly reheated in a panini press to give the cookies a fresh baked taste while the ice cream stays fresh.
  • Promenade cafe: While not new to Pier Village this summer, the cafe formerly known as Buzz Bait has been rebranded as Boardwalk Coffee and now proudly offers a full line of Starbucks Coffee drinks.

Pier Village also has a few new retail entries this summer, including Land of lace—Offering quality children’s shoes — and Makers + Shakers, a pop-up store in the Asbury Park Bazaar with over half a dozen vendors selling crafts, housewares and lifestyle products.

At the end of July, the Salt Nation Surf Shop (formerly known as Sundaze) must expand into an adjacent space. In addition to a range of beachwear from renowned brands such as Billabong, O’Neil and Hurley, the store hopes to add surfboards to its stockpile of beach essentials, which includes boogie boards, chairs. and towels.

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