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Photo credit: Courtesy of Watches of Switzerland

If you’ve started your summer in the Hamptons, there’s a good chance you’ve seen Watches of Switzerland’s new Airstream at iconic Hamptons establishments like The Surf Lodge and Gurney’s Star Island. The new mobile pop-up has officially reached its residency for the remainder of the season at Gurney’s Star Island, but is said to have several appearances and events in the Hamptons over the next few weeks with brand partners selected and selected as the clothing brand for men. NOAH, who dresses ephemeral staff in incredibly chic outfits.

Produced in partnership with Creative Director Jay Gullion, the fully customized Airstream will serve as a multi-brand point of sale throughout the summer. Reflecting the paradigm shift approach taken by Watches of Switzerland with their flagship SoHo product, the Airstream was created in collaboration with top American artisans. Gullion called on Midland Architecture to develop the interior design and layout of the Airstream, while Elmwood Customs demolition and refurbishment of the Airstream, manufacturing custom floors, cabinets and accessories tailored.

Swiss Airtsteam WatchesPhoto credit: Courtesy of Watches of Switzerland

Jay Gullion, Creative Director of the Whenever. All over. airstream retail campaign and mobile comments: “I am particularly proud to be able to create and offer this brand new communication method for Watches of Switzerland. The campaign has a unique space that did not exist in the industry until now. As I travel the world, I’m always on the lookout for unique stories to tell, but producing the ambitious scale of this project in the United States during a year of difficult travel made me incredibly grateful to the team. empathetic and talented who surrounds me. What we have created is meant to inspire and bring out a strong sense of passion that, while focused on watches, truly transcends the industry.

The pop-up window serves as the physical embodiment of the Whenever. All over. campaign, which kicked off earlier this month as a short film featuring eight major watch brands worn by industry-changing manufacturers who share a passion for perfection in their industry, reflecting the watches worn. A one-of-a-kind campaign, Watches of Switzerland, brought together eight major brands: Breitling, Grand Seiko, MB&F, Omega, Analog Shift, TAG Heuer and Ulysse Nardin within its portfolio in the short film and featured in the Airstream. In keeping with Watches of Switzerland’s commitment to changing the world of luxury watches, the Hamptons short film and pop-up reinvent the customer experience, especially after last year.

Swiss Airstream WatchesPhoto credit: courtesy Watches of Switzerland

Swiss Airstream WatchesPhoto credit: Courtesy of Watches of Switzerland

“Watches of Switzerland has always been committed to pioneering the retail concept of watches. For us this includes engaging with the customer in new and inspiring ways, ”says David Hurley, Executive Vice President of The Watches of Switzerland Group. He continues: “At any time. All over. is the embodiment of this spirit and beautifully captures that indescribable feeling of owning a beautiful watch while living an uninhibited life. It’s also a powerful way for us to connect with a new group of watch enthusiasts and show them how we do things differently.

Evoking a sense of travel craving that many have longed for over the past few months, Anytime. All over. was filmed in eight different locations across the United States and features some of America’s most dramatic, extreme and scenic landscapes. He reminds viewers that while fine watchmaking is based on function and purpose, intangible sensations of community, beauty and intrinsic respect are undeniable facets of timepieces and the world of watchmaking.

So if you’re in the East for the next few weeks, be sure to follow Watches of Switzerland’s Airstream here and follow @watchesofswitzerland_us and #WoSAnytimeAnywhere to stay up to date.

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