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For over 25 years, Ann Wilson Funerals has been the most trusted funeral home in Sydney’s North Beaches, relied on by so many in these difficult times of loss.

While their reputation has remained a stable certainty, their approach to end-of-life celebrations has continued to evolve, always seeking ways to create emotionally moving service for their families and loved ones.

Ann Wilson Funerals and their dedication to celebrating loved ones in an authentic way stands out in the industry as they encourage families to move away from traditional funerals to focus more on the personal values ​​of their loved ones.

Their Mona Vale facility is one of a kind, with newly renovated, bright interiors and an inviting outdoor entertaining space, providing a multifunctional space for hosting end-of-life celebrations, all in one place.

However, if this does not seem like the right solution, loved ones are encouraged to consider a modern approach, perhaps holding the service at a location important to the deceased and their family.

“When arranging a service, at Ann Wilson Funerals, we encourage the family to consider a space that reflects the life of their loved one. A special place that resonates with them.

“It could be a surf club, if they volunteered as a lifeguard, their backyard if they like their garden, we even ran a service on a houseboat in Pittwater,” site manager Amanda said. Sarah.

Genuine Care: Ann Wilson Funerals truly cares about their families, providing guidance and support to help people through their grief.

COVID19 has had a big impact on funerals and this has created additional stress in an already difficult time. With limits on funeral attendees and geographic challenges arising, Ann Wilson Funerals embraced modern technologies, providing families with the ability to say goodbye.

“During the pandemic, the small number of attendees at a funeral has sometimes been devastating. Some families have really struggled to reduce the number of a service and felt that they were not giving their loved one the sending that he deserved. Our live streaming service was a godsend. It allowed people from all over the world to participate in the service,” Amanda said.

As society becomes more open to discussions about aging and death, Ann Wilson Funerals hopes to educate families about what to expect, the value of funerals and how planning ahead has myriad benefits.

“So many people like to plan their own funeral in advance – it’s comforting for them to know that everything will be arranged exactly as they wish. It could be a special place or a piece of music that reflects their life.

We also help many people who plan and pay for their own funerals to ease the burden on their families when they die. A very generous and thoughtful gesture.” Amanda said.

This is branded content for Ann Wilson Funerals.

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