Barbara Delgleize is sworn in as Huntington Beach’s new mayor

Familiar faces will rule Huntington Beach through 2022.

Barbara Delgleize was sworn in as mayor for the second time at Tuesday night’s city council meeting, while Mike Posey is the city’s new pro tempore mayor.

Delgleize, a residential real estate broker who has lived in Huntington Beach since 1974, was previously mayor in 2017. She succeeds outgoing Surf City mayor Kim Carr, who among other things presented Delgleize with a hammer.

Delgleize will be mayor in 2022 before stepping down. She has been a member of the municipal council since 2014.

“I am honored that my colleagues have chosen me to serve as mayor in my final year on the stage,” said Delgleize, 70. “Over the past few years, this city council has devoted a great deal of time and effort to promoting a community-centered agenda that prioritizes developing solutions for key local concerns. We have made progress. transformational organizations in Huntington Beach in addressing homelessness, mental health programs, and parks and infrastructure initiatives to improve our local quality of life. I am delighted to have the chance to continue this work as mayor next year, along with Mayor Pro Tem Posey and my fellow City Council colleagues, I pledge to do my part to bring everyone together so that we can better serve the people of Huntington Beach.

Delgleize is a long-time member of the Huntington Beach Chamber of Commerce and has served on the town’s Planning Commission and Homelessness Task Force, among other responsibilities. She also currently represents the city as chair of the board of directors of the Assn. of California Cities – Orange County, as well as a representative of the Orange County Traffic Authority.

Barbara Delgleize applauds as she listens to Kim Carr at the Huntington Beach City Council meeting on Tuesday night.

(Scott Smeltzer / Personal Photographer)

She was appointed mayor pro tem in June, following the resignation of Tito Ortiz.

In her first speech as the new podium mayor on Tuesday, Delgleize highlighted focusing on the city’s youth, reinvesting in Huntington Beach and supporting local businesses and tourism as three areas she would like to focus on. next year.

Posey, who was elected to city council in 2014 as Delgleize, was previously mayor pro tem in 2017 and mayor in 2018. By appointing him mayor pro tem, the council rescinded resolution 6320, stipulating that the mayor pro tem should be the longest-serving council member who has not served as mayor in the past four years.

Unlike Delgleize, Posey will not become mayor for the second time, as he is also appointed in 2022.

Carr, the outgoing mayor who would be reelected in 2022, presented his fellow council members with blue jackets as a farewell gift. She received thanks from a few residents in public comments, including her teenage daughter, Rachel.

Outgoing mayor Kim Carr, left, presents Barbara Delgleize with a gavel after being sworn in as new mayor on Tuesday night.

Outgoing Mayor Kim Carr, left, presents Barbara Delgleize with a hammer after being sworn in as the new mayor of Huntington Beach at Tuesday night’s meeting.

(Scott Smeltzer / Personal Photographer)

Kim Carr spoke of a year that included the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and an oil spill off the coast of Huntington Beach in October. She thanked Oliver Chi, Irvine City Manager, and Acting Police Chief Julian Harvey, while praising her fellow City Council members.

“This advice is the hardest working advice I have ever seen, and we have accomplished more together than I could have imagined,” Carr said.

She said the city is in the best financial position she’s seen it in, with a $ 10 million surplus and fully funded pensions. This has increased the budget for public works and capital improvement projects.

She added that homelessness remains the number 1 concern of the council. The city’s homeless navigation center, which opened about a year ago, has provided service to more than 150 people and currently houses 106 people in need, Carr said. There were 31 people who found accommodation.

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