Bells Beach 2022: India Robinson

“I really knew I was capable of beating some of the girls, and I was pretty good. Obviously they’re more experienced on this bigger stage, so it’s something where I just had to believe in my abilities and do trusted everything I was doing and pretty well.

“I know the wave well, it’s my local beach, so I feel really comfortable here and I’m just excited.”

India Robinson has a football kick before competing in France.Credit:World Surfing League

COVID-19 forced Robinson to leave Victoria for NSW two years ago, but it was essentially the move that launched his career.

“I moved to northern New South Wales when COVID hit,” she said.

“Everything was starting to come to a halt and my coach was up there, my trainers, so I finally took the leap to leave the house, and that was probably the best thing I could have done for my surfing. J I was able to work hard for two years and train every day and work, so it worked.

A few words of support from a family friend, Australian professional surfer Nikki Van Dijk, encouraged her to pursue her dream, and now she has the chance to imagine ringing the bell on one of the most iconic trophies. Australian sport.

“It’s literally every night when I go to bed, I dream that I can ring that bell,” she said.

“My coach gave me a little bell, and he was like, ‘You just remember you’re working to ring a bell.’ That’s a huge goal for me and I hope it comes true. .

“I’ve been working on it for a long time and finally being part of the event is kind of exciting.”

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