Benno Bikes RemiDemi 9D electric cargo bike review


German bicycle designer Benno Baenziger had a background in skateboarding and snowboarding before founding Electra bikes in 1993. Electra is less well known in the UK, but his retro-looking Townie is considered the most popular cruising bike in the States. -United.

Baenziger then sold Electra to Trek and went on to found Benno Bikes, an e-bike brand specializing in what she calls “Etility” bikes – e-bikes that combine easy, fun riding with huge load capacity.

While many Benno e-bikes feature a long wheelbase, the one-size-fits-all RemiDemi 9D is a more compact model based on a 1,130mm wheelbase. That makes it nice and manoeuvrable in city traffic and its super fat Duro tires also help make it one of the nicest utility machines I’ve ever driven. Who said you can’t combine practicality and pleasure?

While it’s reasonably compact, making it much easier to store, Benno Bikes still designed the RemiDemi to have the versatility and massive load capacity of a dedicated cargo bike.

Carry this load

The RemiDemi has a solidly mounted front rack with a capacity of 20 kg and it can carry 30 kg in the rear, with the large chromoly steel frame itself serving as the rear rack.

The total load capacity is 180 kg (400 lb), including the 30 kg bike and a rider up to 120 kg (260 lb), so most of us will be able to load both racks to the maximum and carry a backpack.

The Bosch Purion controller is easy to use.
Russell Burton / Immediate Media

This carrying capacity is enough to run a weekly store and take your child to school at the same time, depending on your weight of course.

The RemiDemi also comes with a plethora of load carrying options for just about any eventuality and potential customer. Do you want to install a Thule Yepp EasyFit child seat in the back? A rear delivery box and a front tray for deliveries of commercial goods? A secure front plate mounted on a frame? Or maybe a Carver Surf Rack? The RemiDemi can be adapted for all of these uses and more.

The Beno Bikes RemiDemi 9D commuter bike is fitted with 20 inch x 4.25 inch Duro Street tires

Wide tires and a soft saddle ensure riding comfort.
Russell Burton / Immediate Media

The versatility of the RemiDemi goes beyond simple transport, as its frame is designed to accommodate riders from 155cm (5’1 ”) to 185cm (6’1 ”) in height, but in practice I have found the range even wider. I am 6ft 2in tall and had no problem adjusting the bike and the same goes for my partner who is 5ft tall.

Unless your size disparity is even greater than ours, the RemiDemi is truly a whole house bike rather than a single owner machine.

The light on the Beno Bikes RemiDemi 9D is battery powered

It has battery powered fenders and lights.
Russell Burton / Immediate Media

In addition to the front rack, the RemiDemi comes with full length mudguards, which provide a solid platform for the front and rear lights which are both battery powered.

The Herrmans MR8 front light emits 180 lumens and the Herrmans twin LED rear, with its 220 degrees of visibility, is an ideal setup for city driving.

Feel the power

The centrally mounted Bosch Performance Line system matches the design of the RemiDemi perfectly, as you have so much torque at your fingertips that you never really feel the bike’s nearly 30kg weight.

If you like to go fast, you’ll also love the RemiDemi’s massive slick tires, as they provide unholy grip when you lean it through the corners.

Male cyclist in blue on the Beno Bikes RemiDemi 9D eBike

Benno’s RemiDemi is practical… and a lot of fun.
Russell Burton / Immediate Media

On top of that, their huge air volume allows the RemiDemi to ride on the roughest surfaces and stay comfortable, and you are further helped by the luxurious sofa-shaped saddle and the relaxed upright riding position of the bike. .

The best range I achieved on a largely flat urban test ride was 74.3 km (46.2 miles) with 311 m (1,020 feet) of vertical drop. This is more than enough for a school run or a day of local deliveries.

Beno Bikes RemiDemi 9D eBike is powered by a Bosch PowerPack 400 battery

The bike is powered by a Bosch PowerPack 400 battery.
Russell Burton / Immediate Media

The range was also quite impressive on some more difficult rural test hikes, and I hiked 57.8 km (35.9 miles) with 613 m (2011 feet) of elevation on an excursion on some of the Wiltshire hills.

Fun and functionality

I loved my time on the RemiDemi. It impressed me with its simplicity and practicality and it’s extremely comfortable but, best of all, it’s a lot of fun to drive. It is compact for a cargo bike and the folding pedals reduce its width.

However, I would have liked to see a Speedlifter style stem, as seen on Cube’s Compact. This allows you to turn the bar independently of the fork and would have made the RemiDemi even easier to store.

I would also have preferred a double kickstand rather than the single-sided kickstand that comes standard (although double-sided is an option). The stability of a double-sided rack would make loading a bike of this weight much easier.

Kickstand on the Beno Bikes RemiDemi 9D electric bike

I would have preferred a double sided kickstand.
Russell Burton / Immediate Media

But even with these caveats, the RemiDemi is a fabulous and charming bike.

It is also a machine that could take over many tasks currently performed by a car and that would make going without a car that much less difficult.

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