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Investing in a secure surfboard rack is a great way to protect your surfboard from damage when not in the water. Some surfboard racks can even add to the decor of a room by displaying your board for all to see.

Surfboard Rack Buying Guide

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Why buy a surfboard rack?

Whether you’re storing your surfboard at home between surf sessions or taking it out to the ocean so you can ride some waves, investing in a high-quality surfboard rack is a solid decision. A surfboard hanger will help secure your board to your wall or ceiling to keep it out of the way and protect it from damage. Most surfboard racks can also accommodate wakeboards, snowboards and skimboards, with some models offering enough space to store multiple boards at once.

What Should You Look For In A Surfboard Rack?

  • Sustainability: The durability of a rack is important, so consider a product made from high-quality solid wood or an equally durable option. Also be sure to check the weight and size of a surfboard rack before purchasing. This will give you peace of mind that it’s a good fit for your board.
  • Protection: Some poor quality surfboard racks can actually cause a lot of damage to your surfboard. When buying a new rack, look for a model that has foam, felt, or rubber padding to protect your surfboard from dents and scratches.
  • Facility: The installation process (and level of difficulty) will vary depending on the surfboard rack you choose. So, pay close attention to a product’s installation instructions to make sure you’re up to the task.

What to look for in a vehicle mounted surfboard rack?

First, you’ll want to determine how far the rack extends from the top of your vehicle to ensure you’ll have clearance to park in your garage and travel with your surfboards. Build quality varies when it comes to car mounts, so read a few reviews to determine if a mount is built to last. Finally, most racks come with straps to help secure your surfboard to the rack. These tend to be a common point of failure, so consider replacing the straps with a sturdier option if the ones that come with the rack aren’t up to snuff.

Our picks for the best surfboard racks

Best choice

Advantages: If you’re looking for an affordable surfboard rack that exposes your surfboard to the world, this wall rack from COR Surf is a great choice. It’s sturdy enough to use with both longboards and shortboards and sports a minimalist design that won’t distract from your board. It also comes with a protective rubber strip to prevent your board from being damaged, making it a stellar product for those who only have one surfboard to store at home.

The inconvenients: This bracket uses a single screw to attach to the wall, so locating a wall stud is imperative for those who don’t want to go to the hardware store to purchase capable drywall anchors. Because of this, it has a limited capacity, so you probably won’t want to store multiple boards using this wall rack.

Conclusion : Whether you’re storing a single surfboard or memorializing your favorite surfboard after it’s been retired, the COR Surf Surfboard Wall Rack is a reliable, cost-effective way to store your board while making it a focal point in your the room.

Best Ceiling Mount

Advantages: For those with limited space, the StoreYourBoard Double SUP & Surf Ceiling Storage Rack is a sturdy option suitable for storing multiple boards at once. This ceiling mount offers two size options and adjustable height, giving it the versatility to fit a variety of applications. Although its practical design is not ideal for most home interiors, this product is a sturdy and reliable storage solution that is perfect for most garages and sheds.

The inconvenients: Some reviewers have noted that the mounting hardware that comes with this ceiling mount is not as durable as the mount itself, so you may want to consider investing in more reliable lag bolts before installing this product.

Conclusion : Although it’s not the sleekest surfboard rack on the market, it’s still ideal for those who need a reliable product to store more than a few boards. Its size is also a convincing factor as many similarly priced products are not sturdy enough or large enough to accommodate a kayak with your surfboard.

Best Freestanding Rack

Advantages: Despite its easy-to-assemble design that requires no tools, this floor rack from Steve’s Rack Shack is sturdy enough to store up to six surfboards without breaking a sweat. It’s also reasonably compact compared to similar racks, making it a good choice for those with limited floor space. Although this rack probably won’t win any beauty contests, it’s a great choice for those looking for an indoor surfboard rack that doesn’t require a tricky installation process.

The inconvenients: This rack is quite expensive compared to other options, especially considering its lack of protective strips or weatherproof finish. That being said, it’s still a solid option for those with the money and floor space available.

Conclusion : Finding a wall stud or ceiling joist and installing the average surfboard rack can be a tricky task for those lacking in experience and know-how. If you don’t mind spending a little extra for a simple, tool-less assembly process, this surfboard rack is well worth considering.

Best Multi-Art Wall Mount

Advantages: Featuring a durable design and an impressive four board capacity for its affordability, the StoreYourBoard Metal Surfboard Storage Rack is a highly rated surfboard rack that’s well worth the cost. This wall mount has adjustable arms that can accommodate most surfboards and comes with clear instructions to help with its simple installation process. It also sports protective rubber covers to keep your surfboards from scratching.

The inconvenients: While some reviewers have noted success using this rack with larger boards, such as stand-up paddleboards, others report that larger items cannot fall to the bottom of the racks to be held securely. For this reason, those with larger boards to store should do additional research to ensure this is the right product for them.

Conclusion : This wall rack is incredibly sturdy for the price, especially considering its impressive four-board capacity. If you’re looking for a heavy-duty steel surfboard rack that won’t break the bank, this model is worth considering.

Best car mount

IKURAM R roof rack

This versatile car rack features a collapsible design and can accommodate surfboards, kayaks, and even canoes.

Advantages: Featuring a versatile design that can accommodate surfboards, kayaks, and stand-up paddleboards, the IKURAM R Roof Rack is a travel rack that’s built to last. This rack features durable aluminum alloy construction and substantial padding to keep your boards secure during transport. It’s also quick and simple to fold up when not in use so you can keep it strapped to your vehicle for your next trip to the ocean.

The inconvenients: Many reviewers have noted that while this product is by no means difficult to install, the included installation instructions do not make the process as easy as it could be. Also, if you have some decent straps on hand, you might want to swap them out for the ones that come with this rack.

Conclusion : This roof rack is worth its price in terms of versatility and quality construction. That being said, the somewhat confusing instructions that come with it may complicate things for those who have had trouble installing similar products in the past.

Final Thoughts

If you struggle to find a place for your surfboard when it’s not in the water, investing in a great surfboard rack like this is a no-brainer. Just do your research to end up with an ideal product for your surfboards and your home.

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