Businesses, New Jersey residents enjoy warm October weather in Ocean City, Margate, Ventnor


OCEAN CITY, New Jersey (WPVI) – Friday was an October treat for those who enjoy warm weather.

While the calendar points to fall, mercury points to summer, and that’s good news for the Jersey Shore. Business owners say they are taking advantage of the unusual temperatures.

In Ventnor, some people take to the promenade to exercise, either cycling or jogging, while others have brought their beach chairs to lounge on the sand.

“That’s exactly what retired teachers do,” said Mary Lou Short, of Woodstown, New Jersey. “They just like the fact that they’re not in the classroom, and their colleagues are. It’s the best feeling ever, especially in this sunshine.”

In Margate, fall decorations were displayed outside storefronts, but summer was on many people’s minds as they looked at clothes on shelves outside in October.

“Something good for my children, to make them happy,” said Nani Palelashvili.

Hot weather helps businesses clean the last of their summer clothes.

“They always come for bikinis, swim shorts, flip flops, sunscreen, sunglasses, so it’s pretty good for us right now, sort of slowly getting through all of our leftovers. ‘summer,’ said Cassidy McClain, who works at Heritage Surf and Sport in Margate.

Business was also booming on the boards of Ocean City. Some people even come from out of town.

“It’s actually pretty nice in Boston right now, it’s like 70, but it’s a little warmer, a little better for the beach,” said Alex Sheng, who was from Boston.

The other visitors had to come and get salty but sweet treats. The crowds on the beach compare to a summer day.

“It’s crazy because it’s beautiful, it feels like August,” said Tricia O’Loughlin of West Chester. “Summer won’t give up.”

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