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LAGUNA BEACH, CA — Two attractive shops on the inland side of the coastal road between Bluebird Canyon and Calliope Street capture the eye and the sensitive ropes and are not to be missed when visiting Laguna Beach. The different aesthetic makes it a complementary and non-competitive sailing experience. The general feeling after visiting the Garage Collective is sultry, textured. Vertigo Home leaves you enlivened by form, color and function.

The Garage Collective is housed in a period cottage, although the business started out as a pop-up in the current garage of founder Kristin Miracle-Lewis. The collective specializes in local, handmade products and vintage rugs of international origin.

The Garage Collective is a connoisseur of textures. Lisa Black / Crest

Vertigo Home occupies two spaces in the Granada building, right in front of the Surf & Sand Resort. Founders Chris Oswalt and Martin Ulrich combine their tastes to make browsing the shop a bit like exploring a quirky but delicious museum.

Their mutual love for travel, art and design influences whatever they select. “Art transforms, delights and inspires our daily lives,” they tell us.

Vertigo Home emphasizes smart design and color. Lisa Black / Crest

In the larger store there is a bar to select luxurious wallpapers and upholstery. Nooks and crannies feature colorful objects that perform vital functions. With gifts, decorative items, and skunk-scented candles, Vertigo has a playful sense of humor, especially in sassy greeting cards. Bar items, books, furniture, lighting, technology, eyewear and more, all reflect the discerning eye of owners.

Vertigo’s second smaller display case features outdoor furniture that is so attractive it would look great indoors as well. The long patio out front is dotted with seating, where the little shop dog is likely to pounce to check you out.

Vertigo opened in 2009, and its website went live the following year. Updated weekly, this is a fun place to shop online.

The Garage Collective cultivates a Californian atmosphere. Lisa Black / Crest

The Collective Garage was born in 2015. It was then that Miracle-Lewis read “Big Magic” by Elizabeth Gilbert. The Laguna inhabitant has always loved fashion and design, especially interiors, and dreamed of doing … something. The book forced her to take action, without hesitation.

“I reached out to some extremely talented friends to see if they would be interested in pop-ups in our garages, and the Garage Collective was born.”

The cottage on the coastal road became available during the 2016 holiday season, a busy time to care for two small children. But, still inspired by Gilbert’s book, she jumps at the chance. “If I was waiting for the perfect opportunity at the perfect time, I would wait forever,” says Miracle-Lewis. “Thank you, Elizabeth Gilbert! “

The Pottery Collective Garage. Lisa Black / Crest

A collective of artists and creators share space, inspiring and collaborating in the growth of their businesses. There is a distinct Californian vibe. Casual and sensual items for the home and the body made by hand. Vintage and international goods add contrast, with paintings from thrift stores selling out quickly.

Speaking of vacations, it might be a bit early to start thinking about seasonal shopping, but it’s the only way to avoid procrastinating.

Don’t wait until the perfect time to explore the extraordinary assets of these two extraordinary companies.

Vertigo Home has something for everyone. Lisa Black / Crest

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