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Claima brings its entrepreneurship-focused storytelling to life, with help from Sperry.

The podcast and creative content company tapped the shoe brand to “Reclaim Your Water,” a three-part documentary series directed by filmmaker Faith Briggs. The effort will highlight about three black and brown entrepreneurs connected and inspired by water. According to Claima, the series will also show how each the entrepreneur “reclaims what was once weaponized to build community and create change”.

“Throughout history, water has long been weaponized against black communities, from slavery and segregation to Hurricane Katrina and Flint’s water crisis,” the co-founder said. of Claima, Bimma Williams, in a statement. “We have been honored to work with Sperry in their commitment to equity and inclusion to not only raise awareness of this historic structural racism, consciously and unconsciously, around water, but also to empower and inspire people. people of color to embrace and reclaim its cultural value. ”

Claima said in a statement that she was working alongside Sperry “to put Black people’s experience with water on a national stage and create storytelling that would educate and inspire a more equitable environment in the aquatic space.” Additionally, Claima said the effort was created to highlight “how communities of color can reclaim water as a healing and enjoyable experience for all through each subject’s lens.”

The docuseries will offer insight into the lives of Thurman and Torrence Thomas, co-founders of Tankproof, a Louisiana-based organization that provides free swimming lessons to underserved youth; Jahmicah Dawes, owner of black-owned outfitter SlimPickins Outfitters; and surf coach Natasha Smith, who helped teach the founders of Ebony Beach Club how to surf.

Surf Coach Natasha Smith.

CREDIT: Courtesy of Claima

“The ‘Reclaim Your Water’ project celebrates the hard-earned resilience of individuals who, despite longstanding systemic barriers, choose to make a living and seek joy around water,” Briggs said in a statement. “We hope this docuseries inspires and invites others to follow a similar path and amplifies the work these communities are doing to rewrite the narrative of black people in a space armed against us. We are excited to share their seemingly non-dimmable light with our audience. »

The partnership is part of the “All For Water. Water for all” goal platform, which focuses on its commitment to protecting waterways and serves as a statement that all people are welcome on the water and should have access to it.

“At Sperry, we believe in the power of water and its ability to help people feel balanced, energized and calm,” Elizabeth Drori, chief marketing officer of Sperry, said in a statement. “As we aspire to release these feelings and experiences for everyone, we know that water has not been a fair place. It has been a privilege to partner with Claima and Faith Briggs on this docuseries. By sharing these important stories, we hope to spark new dialogue and understanding, and ultimately work towards creating an environment where everyone, everywhere feels welcome on the water.

Reservoir resistant

The Thomas brothers, co-founders of Tankproof.

CREDIT: Courtesy of Claima

In addition to his role in the docuseries, Sperry has offered three $15,000 grants “to initiatives that provide a more equitable environment in the aquatic space.” Grants include one to Tankproof, as well as donations to Slim Pickins and Ebony Beach Club for events that teach people of color to surf and fish.

The first video is uploaded today via Sperry’s YouTube channel.

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