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Recently my 9 year old granddaughter asked me, “What useful products are you making in your refinery? Good question. We make a few dozen different products – check out the San Joaquin Refining website. Most of them are specialty products, not fuels. Many are sold to companies who turn them into other products.

But so far it’s all about small potatoes. Americans consume petroleum products at the rate of 3.5 gallons of petroleum and 250 cubic feet of natural gas per day, per person! This consumption is not just for fuel. Some products derived from petroleum and natural gas are listed below. Now, American voters, are you sure you want to cut back on fossil fuel production? (PS to students – This could be a starting point for a science project.)

Adhesive, ammonia, anesthetics, antifreeze, antihistamines

Antiseptics, artificial limbs, artificial turf, aspirin, awnings

Balls, ballpoint pens, bandages, basketballs, umbrellas

Grease for bearings, bicycle tires, boats, cameras, spark plugs

Car battery boxes, car enamel, car noise insulation, carpet, cassettes

Caulking, CD player, CD, clothes, clothesline

Cold cream, combs, cortisone, colored pencils, credit cards

Curtains, dashboards, denture adhesive, dentures, deodorant

Detergents, cubes, dishes, dishwashers, dishwashing liquid

Disposable diapers, dolls, doors, dresses, cups

Stains, electric blankets, electrical tape, enamel, epoxy

Glasses, false teeth, fan belts, valve washers,

Fertilizer, fishing boots, fishing lures, fishing rods, floor wax

Folding doors, food preservatives, soccer cleats, soccer helmets, soccer balls

Garden hose, glycerin, golf bags, golf balls, guitar strings

Hair coloring, curlers, hand lotion, hearing aids, heart valves

House paint, ice buckets, coolers, ice cube trays, ink

Insect repellent, insecticides, life jackets, liners, linoleum

Lipstick, speakers, LP records, luggage, milk jugs

Model Cars, Model Car Glue, Mops, Motor Oil, Motorcycle Helmet

Cinema film, nail polish, nylon rope, oil filters, paint

Brushes, paint rollers, pajamas, tights, parachutes

Percolators, perfumes, permanent pressed clothes, petroleum jelly, pillows

Wood plastic, plywood, handbags, putty,

Refrigerant, refrigerator liners, refrigerators, roller skates, roller skate wheels

Roofing asphalt, roofing shingles, rubber cement, rubbing alcohol, safety glass

Safety glasses, salad bowls, long pile mat, shampoo, shaving cream

Shoe polish, shoes, shower curtains, shower doors, skis

Pants, soap, soap dish, soft contact lenses, solvents

Speakers, sports car bodies, sunglasses, surfboards, sweaters

Synthetic rubber, phones, tennis rackets, tents, tires

Toilet seats, tool boxes, tool holders, toothbrushes, toothpaste

Toys, transparent tape, garbage bags, TV, TV furniture

Umbrellas, unbreakable dishes, upholstery, vaporizers, VCR tapes

Vitamin capsules, wading pools, water pipes, wheels, wire insulation, wire.

Tom Creswell is a process engineer at San Joaquin Refining.

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