Doceree Launches Opti-Channel Marketing for Pharmaceuticals, Marketing & Advertising News, AND BrandEquity


Doceree has launched opti-channel marketing for the pharmaceutical sector in India.

With this, it aims to accelerate the adoption of digital media in an industry that is relatively slow to adopt innovative digital technologies.

Pharmaceutical brands can now present a single message to physicians across multiple channels – display emails and texts, greatly speaking the impact of digital messaging campaigns, she said in a press release.

Harshit Jain, Founder and Global Managing Director of Doceree, said: “While there is currently considerable brand openness to the media, there is still a long way to go to get pharma to embrace innovative digital technologies. We are developing capabilities that would make digital a crucial marketing element for the pharmaceutical industry. It is therefore important that we enable pharmaceutical brands to access physician touchpoints through efficient digital channels. “

Preetha Vasanji, Managing Director, India, Doceree, said: “The pharmaceutical industry is huge in terms of market and size, and India is a big market. It is absolutely exciting to come up with products that are the need of the hour. We have introduced a programmatic marketing category in India and will continue to evolve the ecosystem of pharmaceutical brands and digital sites to drive optimization across the landscape. “

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