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EMERALD ISLAND – Emerald Isle mayoral candidate Doug Starcke recently posted a video statement on his campaign website regarding recent social media revelations of his felony strangulation assault conviction related to a July 2011 incident .

He pleaded guilty on December 12, 2012 in Carteret County Superior Court to assaulting his then wife, and also pleaded guilty to two offenses: assault causing serious bodily harm and assaulting a woman.

He was sentenced to six to eight months, suspended for 60 months with supervised probation, for felony. The court sentenced Mr. Starke at the same time to 150 days in the county jail, to serve three days a month, on the misdemeanor charges.

He also had to pay court costs and have no contact with the victim or his family.

Mr Starcke then filed a civil lawsuit in 2012, alleging adultery by his wife and alienation of affection by his alleged girlfriend. The lawsuit was then dismissed.

The victim, in a telephone interview on Thursday, said the attack was not a scramble situation but a horrific four-hour beating that left her with swollen eyes and bruises every inch of it. square of his body.

In the campaign video titled “Focus on the Future,” Mr. Starcke does not specifically address the charges or convictions.

“A little over a decade ago there was a situation,” he says. “It’s not something I’m proud of, and there was a responsibility for the necessary parts.”

Universal settlement, he said in an email interview, is what he meant in the video when he said there was “accountability for necessary parties.” It is included in this “responsibility”.

The victim said Mr. Starcke never apologized or took responsibility for his actions.

“I wish him luck in his mayoral bid, but I hope he admits that domestic violence is never acceptable to citizens,” she said. “I am saddened that he was not transparent from the start. I hope it will be transparent to its citizens.

In the video, Mr. Starcke calls the 2011 incident “an anomaly” and urges potential voters to “judge me from cover to cover as if you are reading a novel” and consider his actions and actions. in the decade since the assault and court convictions. He says that although these “ten year old pages are an important part of my life”, the period “does not define who I am”.

Mr. Starcke, 41, co-owner of South Swell Surf Shop in Emerald and former co-owner and managing partner of First Flight Solutions, a subsidiary of TransImpact, is a long-time resident of Emerald Isle.

In an email interview, he said he had served the 150-day sentence and his media team filmed the video “in early September as we prepared our campaign.”

“For anyone who thinks that my family and I entered the race thinking my past would not come back, they are wrong,” he added. “With the current political climate, we knew there was a 99% chance that my candidacy would highlight what happened over ten years ago.”

He said he decided to run for mayor just two days before the filing period ended when he saw that only one newcomer had applied and Mayor Eddie Barber announced that he wouldn’t come back.

Mr Starcke said he disclosed his convictions, as required, in documents he completed and filed with the Carteret County Electoral Board to run for mayor. The video was not required, Mr Starcke said, but was “extra to my campaign to connect with the citizens of Emerald Isle”.

BOE director Caitlin Sabadish confirmed on Monday. The form indicates that Mr. Starcke has been convicted of a Class 1 felony and his citizenship has been restored

February 13, 2017. Mrs. Sabadish signed it.

Mr Starcke said he had learned from his actions, the charges and the trial and had worked on himself since then.

“In 2013, I decided to create the Starcke Family Foundation, with the sole purpose of giving back to my community through finance and effort, as I worked diligently to regain my place in society and prove that it was in fact an isolated situation. incident, ”he said in the email interview.

The foundation, he said, has since contributed to numerous charities, including domestic violence, and institutional strengthening projects in the county.

According to the UNC School of Government website, “A conviction for a felony prohibits a person from exercising various rights of ‘citizenship’, such as the right to vote, to hold public office, and to sit in a government office. jury. Typically, these citizenship rights are automatically reinstated in North Carolina after a person has served their criminal sentence. “

The NC General Assembly enacted the automatic restoration of citizenship rights in 1973, repealing previous requirements for restoration.

Mr. Starcke and Jason Holland face off in the municipal elections on Tuesday, November 2 for the seat of mayor now held by Mr. Barber.

Mr Holland, a branch manager at Movement Mortgage, was charged in September by Emerald Isle Police Officer Jordan Hatfield with the offense of choking assault.

The News-Times does not name the victim reported in this case, who is a minor.

The city had no record of the case this week, as it was written off, according to chief executive Matt Zapp.

A spokesman for the Carteret County Clerk’s Criminal Division said on Monday that there was no record there and the delisting means it no longer exists. Cases are expunged under North Carolina law, including cases that have been dismissed by the court.

Mr Holland told the News-Times that the accuser said certain things after a family incident, then recanted in court and the charge was dismissed on September 14. The incident happened on July 18, according to the now redacted police report.

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Correction: This article was updated at 2:50 p.m. on Friday, October 22, 2021, to correct the name of the company of which Mr. Starcke was a former co-owner and managing partner. He was not a co-owner and managing partner of TransImpact, but of First Flight Solutions, a subsidiary of TransImpact.

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