Epic Puzzle and Game Store opens location in Somersworth, NH

When Omicron swept the nation last December, I was down for the count! I was stuck inside with nothing to do but twiddle my thumbs and wait for my quarantine period to pass. I got to a point where I felt like I DONE NETFLIX. There was nothing more to binge. Luckily we had visited my favorite puzzle and games store in Portsmouth city center a few days before the virus hit. We were filled with puzzles and games and it really saved my sanity during this time.

There’s something so relaxing about putting on some music (jazz is good “puzzle” music in my opinion), sipping on some wine, and concentrating on a puzzle. Listening to jazz and doing puzzles? Kira, 21, would say, “WHO IS SHE?”

During my quarantine, we completed this puzzle (from Diversions, duh!) that I love. It now hangs proudly on my wall in a frame. When people compliment it, I can say “Thanks, I made that!”

Diversions has locations in Downtown Portsmouth and South Portland and they just made the exciting announcement that they are opening a THIRD location this spring at Market Basket Plaza in Somersworth, NH!

I couldn’t love it more.

They can’t wait to bring their amazing selection of puzzles, family strategy and board games, children’s games and puzzles, construction toys, arts and crafts, and more to Tri City.

Diversions is much more than a game store. They host game nights and encourage people of all ages to disconnect and play more while fostering a sense of community.

According to the post, Diversions is a small, locally owned and operated business run by a father-daughter duo and their amazing teams. They have a real passion for games and puzzles, and are also passionate about helping others.

I love that Diversions has survived and continues to thrive as we transition into this post-pandemic world. Keep up the great work, Diversions team! I look forward to coming to visit your new location.

Follow their new location on Facebook and stay up to date with their progress.

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