Famous stars who have had near-death experiences

Celebrities are often seen as gods rather than ordinary people, but they are not invincible against life’s dangers. Several of them have known death over the years, but survived. Here are some well-known people who have had contact with death:

1. Liam Hemsworth

Liam Hemsworth, who had a near-death experience while surfing.

This Hunger Games hero, who accepts risk in his personal and professional life, had a near-death experience in his youth. Hemsworth, who is active and energetic, enjoyed riding the waves when he was younger. He has experienced first-hand the horror surfing can cause when the surfboard cable wraps around his torso. Instead of providing additional protection, it caused him to lose his temper and nearly drown!

2.Ozzy Osbourne

Ozzy Osbourne was close to death on his mountain bike.
Ozzy Osbourne was close to death on his mountain bike.

It was just another ordinary day, and Ozzy was riding his ATV around his neighborhood. “The last thing I remember, what I remember is I got on the bike and, and something in my mind made a bad move. there’s something really bad going to happen Ozzy told reporters. Ozzy’s heart stopped, and he wouldn’t be alive today if it weren’t for his bodyguard. Before he was brought to the hospital, he resuscitated Ozzy twice.Ozzy suffered spinal fractures, eight broken ribs, a partially collapsed lung, and a broken left collarbone.

3. Emilie Clarke

Emilia Clarke, victim of 2 brain aneurysms
Emilia Clarke, who suffered 2 brain aneurysms.

Emilia Clarke had a near-death experience when she suffered from two brain aneurysms. The aneurysms were a few years apart, but Emilia was terrified of both. After each of the aneurysms, she needed two operations to protect her life. “I was wiggling my fingers and toes, thinking about the lines of the season, trying to do everything I could to stay conscious because I could feel myself slipping into a coma,” she said.

4. Eminem

Eminem escaped death after heavy drug use.
Eminem escaped death after heavy drug use.

At least once, the rap god was on the verge of death due to drug abuse. He overdosed on methadone due to his addiction. He had consumed the equivalent of four sachets of heroin! After being sent home, just under a month passed and he started using drugs again. The terrifying part is that he relapsed and started using the same amount he had already overdosed! He decided he didn’t want another near-death experience and set about cleaning up his act.

5. Fisher Island

Isla Fisher had a near-death experience when she was stuck underwater.
Isla Fisher had a near-death experience when she was stuck underwater in her movie Now You See Me.

For the sake of his film, The Great Gatsby’s lead role almost had to endure death. A magical act gone wrong was the cause of his near-death experience. She was on the set of the movie Now You See Me, and one of the magic trick sequences required her to be underwater. This magic trick left her alone and drowned for 3 minutes before she received help. While the fight drew praise for her realistic acting, she was actually really struggling to stay alive.

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