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Jason Falinski, a self-proclaimed dad nipper, business nerd and coffee lover, has also noticed the rise of independents across Australia. But the incumbent Liberal MP for Mackellar accuses independents of not saying who they will side with if there is a hung parliament.

“They should be honest and upfront and say they will vote with Labour/Greens. That’s the background for almost everyone,” he said.

Falinski called independent election campaigns “clichés hidden in slogans.”

“There is no vision, there are no plans, there are no policies, we just have to look at each other, we have a lot of money and we think your vote could be for sale. “, did he declare. “It’s very difficult to have nuanced conversations about complex issues and challenges.”

Falinski blamed social media for the decline in support for major parties.

HOLDER: Mackellar Liberal MP Jason Falinski has fun with the residents of his constituency. Image: Provided

“Social media pushes our politics towards more extreme views without people having to think about the practicalities of how you govern for everyone,” he said.

As the Collaroy resident continues his re-election campaign, he said his proudest moment since being elected was helping get ‘life-saving medicine’ for two Terrey Hills children with a rare form of dystrophy muscular. The children had failed a medical trial.

Falinski also listed a federal contribution of $1.9 million for the reconstruction of the Long Reef Surf Club and a recent pledge of $150 million to widen Wakehurst Parkway (shared 50/50 with the NSW government) among his other strong points.

After four years as Warringah Councilor (2008-12) and seven years as Mackellar MP, Falinski said he had the experience and the drive to help his community.

Social media pushes our politics towards more extreme views without people having to think about the practicalities of how you govern for everyone.

Mackellar Liberal MP Jason Falinski

“It’s a really great opportunity to be able to improve the lives of many people,” he said. “The interest of government and service is to enable people to live the best life of their choice and that is what I bring to Canberra.”

the Northern Beaches Review made several requests to the NSW Liberals for an interview with Deves, none were granted.

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