Good Wrap G cycling sunglasses review: Nothing beats it for the price

If you are looking for cycling sunglasses you may have noticed a trend, they can be expensive. We do our best to include a wide range of options and prices when putting together a buyer’s guide like our list of best cycling sunglasses. There is no magic though, good cycling sunglasses are expensive. What if they weren’t?

There has always been a stream of discussion about potential inflation in the price of sunglasses. Sunglasses, of all kinds, fall under the fashion pricing model where value has little to do with cost. That’s why we’ve put together a separate guide to the best cheap cycling sunglasses, which covers many of the main requirements but without the bells and whistles. It’s also why in 2015, Goodr founders Stephen Lease and Ben Abell decided they could offer something better to riders. The pair put together a company that priced sunglasses closer to cost and they emphasized a fun brand story.

In all respects, the formula has been a winner, but it will be necessary to wait until this year for there to be a specific offer for cycling. We’ve had a pair of Goodr Wrap G sunglasses, in the “I do my own stunts” color option for four months and now it’s time to talk about them. If you’re looking for a pair of riding sunglasses for a lot less money, keep reading to see if we think this recent offering from Goodr flies in the face of everything we said when we compared cheap and expensive cycling sunglasses.

Goodr Wrap G Sunglasses with box and microfiber

The box is a great hard case and a microfiber is also included. (Image credit: Josh Ross)

Design and aesthetics

Goodr is all about aesthetics and everything the brand does builds a story of fun and fashion. There are six color options for the Wrap G but the names are not descriptive. For comparison, the 100% brand, which we’ve seen our fair share of, tends to feature a little more prominently than the others in their naming conventions. Among them you’ll find things like Hypercraft frames bearing the Matte Copper Chromium name, but even that pales in comparison to Goodr. The Wrap G has color choices with names like “Look Ma, No Hands” or the option we have is “I do my own stunts”. Go ahead and guess what colors these names actually refer to, we can wait.

In the case of “I do my own stunts”, you get a black frame with pink highlights. Where it’s black is a soft-touch plastic that, for now, feels incredibly premium. Next, for pink, look for high-grip details. The pink on the inside of the arms starts about halfway and has a texture and change in surface feel. The pink section at the nose is of the same material but in this case it is removable. Two sizes are available, so choose the one that suits your face.

Goodr Wrap G Sunglasses Logo

The Goodr logo is a small but high quality detail. (Image credit: Josh Ross)

The rest of the frame is a hybrid play on high fashion modern cycling frames mixed with an 80s vibe. In fact, for almost everyone except a few brands, like Bolle who were there in the 80s making almost the same executives, that’s what everyone is doing at the moment. For its part, Goodr uses a height that is almost exactly the same as the Roka Cp-1x we covered recently, but they curve much more dramatically. At the temple, there is a downward sloping dive to meet the lower part of the mount as it slants upward. The curve continues through the arms although there is a temporary plateau in the midsection of the arms.

Inside the frame is a lens as high-tech as any of the best. Obviously, it’s mirrored – what kind of “extremely extreme sunglasses for extremely extreme people” could possibly get away with without a mirrored finish?

In fact, if you want a non-mirror finish, the “Extreme Dumpster Diving” or the “Foot Wedges Anonymous” both offer that option while retaining the polarized coating. For those feeling a bit more extreme, the “I Do My Own Stunts” features a highly reflective lens with a rainbow of gold/pink/green highlights. The exterior colors are above a green tint in the base.

As long as you look at the other seven options with a mirror lens, the lens stack shares a similar build. There are a total of nine layers. There is always a polarized filter and a UV400 layer. There is also the base color coat and several anti-scratch coats. The non-mirror options also carry all of these layers, but lack the final two with the mirror finish and a final layer of scratch and salt water protection.


You came here to find out if they work and they do. They retail for £45/$45 and although I will cover some details that I don’t like, they are very good. My job is to dive deep into the details and understand every little nuance. When you do this, few things are perfect. On the other hand, if you take a step back and take a bigger view, these are great cycling sunglasses for most people. Let’s talk about the details though.

These are large coverage goggles. I mentioned in the design section that they are almost the same vertical size as the Roka CP-1x and this is another great coverage goggle. I don’t have a big face and tend to wear small size helmets, but the curve of the bottom part of the Goodr Wrap G works well to keep my cheek from touching the frames. All that coverage means there’s not much to dive into when it comes to wind or eye protection; It’s good.

The lenses themselves aren’t as good as the best ones. Notably, the shade I tried is a green base. It is well suited to the brightest days when the sun is at its peak, but there is a slight cloud. It’s subtle but looks a little less sharp compared to the expensive stuff. This chunky wrap adds a bit of edge distortion on top of that. I tested the bias with displays from Garmin, Wahoo, and Hammerhead to see if that would be a problem, but nothing to report about it. Coverage is excellent but clarity is only a small step forward.

The other part of the fit is how they stay on the face. I find that to be the weakest part of the whole experience. Nose pieces and grip material on the arms really do nothing. It’s not that the “special grip coating” is missing at all, it’s just not what keeps the frames on your face. Instead, the grip on your head comes from a very tight space between the ends of the arms. They grip your head tenaciously and even when “lava-induced sweat appears while surfing a volcano” they won’t budge. It’s a mechanical handle and it gets tiring after a while. I would like to see a little more balance between the mechanical grip and the chemical grip of the nose and the inside of the arms.

Going back to the larger picture, I kinda like the style of these. Fashion is all about the details and Goodr pushed the retro 80s vibe just hard enough that you can pull it off in many situations. Usually when I talk about the ability to wear cycling glasses off the bike, it’s in the context of how they look quite similar to non-cycling glasses. With the Wrap G, it’s the opposite. They’re so out there that they turn into a streetwear vibe and it works. You’ll have to decide if your style is bold enough off the bike, but that’s an option.


As promised, I’ve detailed a few small nuances that aren’t perfect. The fit is a bit snug for me and the lenses may be a little less clear than the best. The price of these is however unknown. There’s nothing else that mixes the level of performance you get with such an affordable price. It’s okay to decide you want more expensive glasses because you don’t like the style of the Wrap G. That’s the nature of fashion. Just know that if you decide this style works, you’ll get what you pay for.

Dashboard and test notes
Optical clarity Very good for the price but there are better. 7/10
Comfort At least for my head, they would need help in this category. 5/10
Eye protection Great coverage and tons of protection from the sun or wind. 10/10
Ventilation The larger of the nose places the lens far enough away from the face to provide excellent ventilation and the anti-fog coating seems to work well. 10/10
Assess There is nothing in the same category. 10/10
Globally 84%

Technical specifications: Good Wrap G sunglasses

  • Price: £45 / $45
  • Color Options: I Do My Own Stunts (US Only), Save A Bull, Ride A Rodeo Clown, Watch My, No Hands, Scream If You Hate Gravity, Nuclear Gnar, Extreme Dumpster Diving, Foot Wedges Anonymous (US only)
  • Lester: 30g

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