Guilty Pleasures at Home: Not Without My Junk Drawer

At some point, it’s time for each of us: we have to grow. And that includes a decent life, right? We asked our colleagues about it. And discovered that we all have a guilty pleasure in our homes…

A bar of chocolate in the evening, gorging on the latest reality TV show, or spending hours reading reviews on the internet, we all have habits of which we are not proud but which still make us happy to a quirky way. Guilty pleasures are vices we prefer to keep to ourselves – but often we don’t want to be without them.

Not without my junk drawer

The idea was actually to write an article about things adults no longer need in their own homes. We then digressed with an almost nostalgic openness to the things of our household, which are mostly chaotic and lumpy, but by no means neat or tidy. And that we don’t want to miss despite Marie Kondo:

1. Half and half dinner sets

Grandma’s old favorite mug, the 0.5 liter beer mug from the 1995 concert, a bowl of muesli with an ugly smiling face, which we received as a gift from our favorite aunt: probably at least a few- some of us have tea sets to match the crockery and perfectly polished silverware. Usually the contents of household kitchen cabinets are more reminiscent of a hidden object image than a neat row of matching china pieces – our colorful crockery has been curated with love and memories for this purpose.

2. The chair, somewhere under the pile of clothes

Do we really need to say more? Unlikely. It’s probably an inviolable law of nature that in every bedroom or dressing room in the world there must be at least one item that carries the clothes that are too good for laundry but not good enough for…the closet is come. Whether classic (the chair), sporty (the unused exercise bike) or comfortable (the armchair – or for the most daredevils a whole sofa) – we wouldn’t want to do without it, our solid lifeline , clothes organizer, rock in the surf for our clothes.

3. There is rumbling in the room

Happy are the lucky ones who can enjoy the luxury of their own storage room in the apartment! Because where, as college students, we had to come up with half-creative storage options for drying racks, beer crates, and miscellaneous unused kitchen appliances (because who uses their sandwich maker more than once a year ?), today there is the glorious storage room. He – whether big or small – catches everything we need to get out of the way, if necessary with a good kick at the door to keep it closed. And which makes half of the then unloved objects disappear irretrievably, just when you need them. Is it because of our organizational system? Hardly, it is not. But one or the other surprises when clearing.

4. The Key Post Hair Tie Scrap Tray

Where is the key to the front door again? In the little basket in the kitchen, right next to chewing gum, hair clips and other curiosities that you might spontaneously want on a daily basis. Because it doesn’t matter if it’s a bowl, a basket or a bowl, everything that we would lose too quickly has its place here. And so the apparent disorder finds order. Not that we don’t have a system!

5. Roommates a little dry

Plants make the house much cozier, are good for the air and just look pretty. It’s just silly that they all want something else: Lots of water, please, no, that was too much, I don’t have enough sun here, it’s too hot here, you’re crazy?! Luckily they can’t talk. Unfortunately, we then forget them in the heat of the moment and in the end we can only sadly caress the brown leaves. But hey, they are still living beings! You don’t just throw them away, after all, they have feelings too. Withered plants: a memorial to oblivion – and the last glimmer of hope.

6. Thriller, Kitsch and Cocolores

The eyes were once again bigger than the proverbial belly: the famous pile of books that I still read next to the bed, sofa or on the shelf grows and grows and grows – even if we decided to do more read! If only it were that simple… Very good books allow us to escape into strange worlds, we can live adventures, fall in love again or learn something new from every page. And where do you find the time for that? Well, for better or for worse, we have to dig them up in everyday life. Immediately collect five new treasures when we complete a book!


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