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Hurricane and contest. It’s a wedding made in heaven. Or more exactly, the East Coast. Because it happens every fall here – backwoods or big time, pro or hobbyist, pandemic or no pandemic – without fail. And when it comes to covering these unions, no one has seen, filmed more, or published more than Dick Meseroll – East Coast Surfing Hall of Famer, Eastern Surf Magazine co-founder and, almost 70 years old, probably the oldest living professional photographer still actively photographing surf on the east coast today. Chew it for a second, then ask yourself: What have I ever done?

“Hey, let’s go early and be the first!” Mez jokes. “Access to Beachway Drive was like a mini-Woodstock for the 8 o’clock siren.” Photo: Mez / ESM

In fact, after nearly half a century of filming tropical swells and competitive surfing, Mez has more memories in a single one of his graying hair than every part of all you and I have met put together. And the guy has a lot back hair. Volunteering to cover the pace of Dirty South and beyond for real-time monitoring of Surfline Henri Storm Alert, Mez was down for anything, but we cut his wings at the Florida state border. (since it is known to venture far north during hurricane swells, like Newfoundland).

It suited him perfectly. Because you wouldn’t know, there happened to be a surfing contest at New Smyrna Beach, arguably the most consistent surf spot on the coast. And the talent was thick.

“As if it hadn’t been brutally hot and humid enough in Florida this summer,” Mez says, “Daniel Glenn added a few extra points to the heat index during his warm-up session.” Photo: Mez / ESM

“It was nothing but peace, love and brotherhood in 2021 Florida Board Riders season opens in New Smyrna Beach, Fla., this Saturday, ”Mez reports. “Until you hit the water, the classy / family reunion vibe instantly dissipated. These heats have been fiercely contested, as several coastal regions – like Jax Beach, St. Auggie, Smyrna, Space Coast, Fort Pierce, Palm Beach, and Miami – fought for Sunshine State’s bragging rights.

Photo: Mez

“There was a nice mix of young and old, male and female faces; former top east coast competitors of various pedigrees and achievements mixed with a sparkling batch of grommies, ”adds Mez. “From a social standpoint, the Board Riders are a great event in and of themselves, it’s just the coolest gathering of Florida surfing tribes ever. That’s the best thing about the event: the sense of community, friendship, and love emanating from all quadrants of the contest site. It was very palpable. “

Blood of the Ripper (left to right): Justin and Blake Jones and their groms, Ronnie Keindl, Jaden McCart and Tommy O’Brien. Photo: Mez / ESM

“We’ve all been through a lot of depravity over the past couple of years,” Mez continues, “and all surfers really want to do is hang out on the beach with friends and ride some good waves. plenty to do, and with Henry’s swell still tickling the ever-productive sandbars of New Smyrna Inlet, there was plenty of action in the water. It was truly one of the best days at the beach that we have all lived seemingly forever.

Photo: Mez

“It was a thing of beauty: a beautiful summer day, beautiful waves, beautiful people and a lovely way to milk most of Henri’s swell before it was just leftovers,” Mez concludes. . “But still, I keep my fingers crossed for everyone on Henri’s path in the North East. We think of you and hope for the best.

“Randy Nolan’s accomplishments in competition are far too important to list,” says Mez. “He was a World Tour hopeful before choosing another path. Now in his 40s, Randy is still totally ripping the bag apart, and he was a powerful contributor to the victory of Team Space Coast. Photo: Mez / ESM

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