Hunger? These are the tastiest foodie spots in Northland and Auckland

Do you like food? You will love Auckland and Northland. Both of these bountiful regions are home to oysters available straight from the water, fine dining, casual all-day dining, mouth-watering ice cream, luscious cheeses, deliciously decadent chocolates, and destinations brimming with local produce, wine, and beer. freshly brewed.

To help you dine, sip, sip and snack your way north, while learning about the best local producers, we’ve compiled a guide to Auckland’s best fine dining restaurants in Northland.

Brick Bay Wines and Sculpture Trail for casual all-day dining and an easy 2km walk around a sculpture-lined trail.


Brick Bay Wines and Sculpture Trail for casual all-day dining and an easy 2km walk around a sculpture-lined trail.

North Auckland

From Puhoi, North: Enjoy Wine Tasting and Oyster Shucking

Activate holiday mode and get ready to eat – your first course will be the cheese shop at Puhoi Valley Cafe and Cheese Factory, just north of central Auckland. Here they sell freshly creamy cheese straight from the factory, think funky, punchy blues and insanely creamy Bries. Pack your cheese platter and be sure to bring a large enough shopping bag.

Next, head to Shuckleferry Oysters for New Zealand’s only oyster farm tour. It starts at Scott’s Landing in Mahurangi Harbor and takes you by boat to the center of their farm in Browns Bay, where you’ll see racks of oysters pulled straight from the water. You will learn how to shell and of course eat fresh oysters from the ocean.

Nothing hunts oysters better than wine, so name your driver sober and after your tour, take the short trip to Brick Bay Wines and Sculpture Trail for all-day casual dining and an easy 2 mile walk around a path lined with sculptures. Book ahead to visit their restaurant and be sure to try the incredibly tender snapper with the skin on and the pickled fig burrata. Grab a tasting platter of their excellent wines while you’re there and savor the experience.

The Sawmill Brewery and the Smoko Room.


The Sawmill Brewery and the Smoko Room.

Fall in love with The Farmers Daughter

Walk down the road and you’ll find something delicious brewed at The Sawmill Brewery and Smoko Room. If you’re driving, try their amazing Bare Beer; a brew that defies logic by packing huge tropical flavors into a pale ale with less than 0.5% alcohol. Their food is as good as their beer – you can’t help but think of their melt-in-your-mouth prime ribs.

If you feel like falling in love at brunch, meet The Farmers Daughter – a sustainability-focused cafe overlooking the Omaha Estuary just before the Omaha Causeway. You will fall in love with their inventive farm-to-fork menu.

After brunch, Charlies Gelato is a must visit. This Matakana icon uses fresh, seasonal produce to craft her award-winning gelatos and sorbets (pro tip: try their lemon gelato, it’s mind-blowing).

For foodies (and wine lovers) looking for the full experience, tempt your taste buds on a private tour of Matakana country and cuisine.

Mangawhai Bennetts.


Mangawhai Bennetts.


Mangawhai: Taste artisanal chocolate and fruity rosé

Ready to keep eating? Once you’ve had a taste of Auckland, it’s time to head north, where abundant sunshine, creative locals and incredible food produce phenomenal food.

On your way, stop at Mangawhai, a small town famous for its perfect surf beach and legendary tavern. Start with espresso and baking at the incredible Brewed As Collective – then head to Bennetts of Mangawhai, where they make exquisite chocolates from sustainably sourced cocoa (pro tip: opt for the sea salt flavor of Mangawhai).

Chocolate is best followed by good wine, so then take the short drive to Brooke Lane Winery in the Mangawhai Valley, where they craft a small but impeccable range. The Tipsy Tui semi-dry rosé is distinguished by its rich and full flavor, its notes of spices and berries.

McLeod Brewery in Waipu.


McLeod Brewery in Waipu.

Waipu: the best beer in Quaff NZ

If you continue north, make sure you’ve chosen a sober driver, as you’ll probably want to order a drink or two from McLeod’s Brewery in Waipu. This little brasserie restaurant serves pizzas kissed by the wood fire and a range of delicious bites they call “slow fast food”. Think house-smoked ribs and line-caught fish and chips.

Their food is great, but their beer is even better. This tiny brewery has been quietly crafting the best beer in the country for years, including Far North Chili Pils – a refreshing Pilsner brewed with Kaitaia Fire, an iconic Northland hot sauce.

After a wine tasting and a glass of beer, you might want to call it a night and wake up to a nice strong brew of Little Red Coffee in Waipu. This little transformed container serves Kokako coffee and delicious baked treats. There are outdoor tables for relaxing or grabbing takeout for the beach.

If you prefer the countryside by the sea, head to Durham Farms and visit their farm-to-table shop. These local legends use sustainable and regenerative farming practices to grow and raise amazing produce and meats, free from all the bad stuff like hormones and antibiotics. For more fresh produce, find the Roving Rural Market; a farmer’s market held every week in a different idyllic rural destination. The Chocolate Barn is a favorite for many, who go crazy for their Butter Crunch – crunchy buttery brown caramel squares smothered in creamy chocolate and almonds.

To view and print maps for more inspiration for your roadtrip, click here for The Sheltered Coast and The Welcoming Coast Journeys.

Do you always want more ? Head to the Auckland and Northland websites for more delicious adventures. To find out what travel packages are available for Auckland and Northland, visit

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