In a tattered exchange, the pro surfer is almost decapitated after using priority in the qualifying series contest: “I had a great time in round 1 in the last event before it happened.”

Once again, it seems God is the only man with a more inexplicable interest in professional surfing than Dirk Ziff.

Let’s see the wood rather than the trees and don’t look for poetry where there is clearly none.

Let’s be frank.

These finals were boring.

The best in the world were castrated by the conditions like the orcas at Seaworld. They forced themselves to perform a few push-ups and then a limp air. Sometimes they were done, often they weren’t. They never had much verve or drama.

Is it me or do surfers in general lack a bit of imagination when it comes to tunes?

I’m no expert, and while I love watching Italo and Filipe’s aerial surfs, I don’t. It’s a bit too predictable and repetitive, 360° spins forward or back, only distinguished by moderate degrees of height and clean landing.

Not so interesting.

What about some variations in seizures? A few tweaks here or there?

It would have been fun to surf today.

Peniche shimmered in the morning sun and the glassy little runners of Supertubos looked nothing like the reason we run World Championship Tour events there, but it felt like the days most of us surf for.

I think that’s the mealy point Kaipo was trying to make when Pete stopped him and we were treated to a brilliant few seconds of awkwardness.

If you allow me to paraphrase for clarity, Kaipo thought the performance we were seeing was applicable to all surfers.

“Well, if they can get over the lip,” Pete noted bluntly.

Kaipo breathed as if he was about to speak, twice.

But he was confused. Completely lost for words.

He just watched in silence, his face painted with the slight tension of a man pushing a big shit.

If tiny, inconsequential waves to tickle the imagination of amateur surfers weren’t suitable for finals day, then at least we had four of the best equipped men to do special things in marginal conditions, right? ?

You might reasonably think so.

But the best wave of the day had to be Italo’s backspin in the opener of the first semi. It was clean and spooky. A typical power move that Italo often fires first in a round, then repeats and repeats until his opponent crumbles to pure energy.

The 8.83 granted seemed reasonable, but his board died on landing. The board he traded for was a dog. He was in a bad mood, out of rhythm, couldn’t do anything.

Strider pointed out that not all boards feel the same, and while we can certainly agree with that, I think we’re overdoing it these days.

Many more weaknesses exist in the mind rather than the fabric of the board.

Nothing interesting happened beyond Italo’s plank break that broke the heat energy. The two surfers sat apart, either content to let the other do his thing or in a state of disgust so deep they couldn’t tolerate the same airspace.

I have no proof, but I strongly suspect it’s the latter.

Filipe and Italo may be compatriots but they don’t seem to be friends. There was no handshake at the end. There wasn’t even eye contact.

Italo sat in his jersey long after the end of the round, quiet and seething.

Can we do something about it please, WSL?

It’s a rivalry that could make for an interesting competition. God knows we need it.

What’s wrong with Italo anyway? Maybe he needs to find joy again and stop taking himself seriously.

Who are his friends on the Tour? He often seems like a loner, not part of any crew, surfing alone in the dark, never seen with his girlfriend or trainer.

He looks a lot like a man who has drawn a circle around himself several miles away from the person he once was.

Griffin beat John in the second semi-final in a completely unremarkable fashion. Florence seemed as deflated by the conditions as we were. There was a nonchalant tone to his efforts, as if he had thrown in the towel before going on the paddle.

Meanwhile, Griffin was applauding himself for landing a few backhand turns on a one-foot wave. It wasn’t very zen and more than a little awkward. John felt it too.

I’ll refer you to my predictions yesterday about John sticking to it. A few races like these will surely kill his motivation once and for all.

And would you blame him?

I enjoyed hearing Brazilian surfers speak their native language during this competition. I think it tells you something about a person to hear them speak in their own language. How long have we known Filipe and never heard him speak anything other than slightly Americanized English? You lose something from a person like that.

The final between Griffin and Filipe was so uneventful that I can only think of one thing to note other than what both men did to prepare.

Filipe organized a prayer meeting, apparently.

Once again, it seems God is the only man with a more inexplicable interest in professional surfing than Dirk Ziff.

Griffin did calisthenics and ate strawberry shoelaces, presumably.

The WSL’s curtain of silence has been drawn regarding the quality of the waves.

Don’t get me wrong, my friends, with six full days left in the waiting period and the forecast dramatically improved over the past 24 hours, the WSL has seriously screwed it all up. A solid swell is on its way with variable but light winds and offshore potential and very clean conditions. Go see.

Besides, when did it stop being a moving event?

There are a ton of quality beachbreaks north of the peninsula that are offshore when the wind isn’t ideal at Supertubos.

Why not move there? It has been done in the past.

Griffin being presided over on the beach amidst a thin, apathetic crowd (except for a close friend who repeatedly shouted) was an enduring image of the desolation of professional surfing when the WSL makes basic mistakes. .

The number one priority is to facilitate the right performance conditions by making good calls, and in Portugal that has not been done.

And what about my favorite elephant in the room? And Gabriel Medina?

I miss him more than ever.

Looking at his recent Instagram feed compared to what we just saw in Portugal, it looks like he has no regrets tonight. How ironic would it be if he wrapped it up for good? It would be in defiance of everyone’s expectations and judgments about his character. But if you don’t create the conditions for Gabby and John to show what they can do, you risk losing them.

Is Medina going to Australia, do you think? The current notes always seem ready for him to join late and insert like he never left. I hope so.

Come home soon, Gabby.

The current top five surfers in the world are Kanoa Igarashi, Kelly Slater, Barron Mamiya, Filipe Toledo and Seth Moniz.

How do you feel about that?

Results of the men’s semi-finals of MEO Pro Portugal presented by Rip Curl:
SF 1: Filipe Toledo (BRA) 13.67 beats. Italo Ferreira (BRA) 12.66
SF 2: Griffin Colapinto (USA) 12.40 beat. Jean Jean Florence (HAW) 10.50

MEO Pro Portugal Women’s Semi-Final Results Presented by Rip Curl:
SF 1: Lakey Peterson (USA) 12.34 beat. Stephanie Gilmore (Australia) 12.00
SF 2: Tatiana Weston-Webb (BRA) 10.76 beats. Carissa Moore (HAW) 10.17

MEO Pro Portugal Presented by Rip Curl Men’s Final Results:
1 – Griffin Colapinto (USA) 14.34
2 – Filipe Toledo (BRA) 14.20

MEO Pro Portugal presented by Rip Curl Women’s Final Results:
1 – Tatiana Weston-Webb (BRA) 15.33
2 – Lakey Peterson (USA) 14.27

Top 5 men:
1) Kanoa Igarashi
2) Kelly Slater
3) Barron Mamiya
4) Philip Toledo
5) Seth Moniz

Top 5 women:
1) Brisa Hennessy
2) Carissa Moore
3) Lakey Peterson
4) Tatiana Weston-Webb
5) Malia Manuel

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