It’s almost Monday and that’s a good thing.


I love local bands. Almost Monday is an indie / alternative pop trio from my hometown of San Diego with a cool vibe and a drive for success. Their song hailey beebs with their singles broken people and live forever are fueling almost Monday’s decision to take a position on the radio charts and give them 30-minute slots at festivals such as Bonnaroo, Firefly, Lollapalooza and Bottle Rock this summer.


The group is made up of Dawson Daugherty, Cole Clisby and Luke Fabry who formed the group in high school. Dawson does vocals with Cole on guitar and Luke on bass. They do not have a permanent drummer, but instead choose session musicians as needed or perform behind them live. It’s a smart business. If all young groups understood the mechanisms of cost control, their later years could be a little more relaxed.

Like any good band out of the resort town, almost Monday he started doing shows at a buddy’s surf shop in Encinitas, Calif. Slowly, they made their way into the local circuit while increasing the audience and the speed of escape. In the end, almost Monday, they made their way to Belly Up, which is the pinnacle of clubs in San Diego, but because of Covid-19, they played this show streaming live.

almost Monday is currently releasing a new EP until the end of time :

Smart urlalmost Monday – until the end of time EP

They appealed to Justin Beiber’s wife as hailey beebs on the EP which is doing well even if this song has been in the repertoire for some time. I don’t save time with relationships with pop stars, but I like it when the conversation has a hook or two.

What I appreciated most about the discussion with the group was the ease with which they interacted both with each other and with me as we approached the world from our disparate living spaces. They are only just beginning the journey, with the goal of becoming a group that can headline their own shows. I’m a little more cynical, having observed how steep the angles of the slope are when you try to get closer to the top of the mountain. But, I’m in awe of their potential, the songs and their chance to grab attention as they start playing live again this summer. almost monday are good guys with distinctive sound. Add the freedom of a summer day, and even the most jaded music fan should be able to find a hook in the music that grabs their attention. It’s summer after a long period of isolation and the world wants to be free to have fun, have collective experiences and hear fresh music.


Our discussion in video and audio podcast format is here:

My impression of almost Monday is that these are craftsmen who are working to build a catalog of works of their kind, while waiting for the opening when they can get back on the road and in front of the fans. Youth is not always wasted with young people. Sometimes it’s wasted by the older ones rejecting the new ones. I look forward to BottleRock the first weekend in September of this year for many reasons, with one added to the list. almost Monday play on Sunday, which is both spiritually and grammatically correct.


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