It’s gold: surf season kicks off in Wanda | County Chief of St George and Sutherland

The surf season is officially launched!

Jackson Borg and Lizzie Welborn won the second Bate Bay Gold endurance event on Saturday at Wanda Beach.

Carla Papac of Wanda finished second with William Budd of North Cronulla the top local cock out of 10e.

Wanda’s Surf Sport Director and Carnival Director for Bate Bay Gold, Greg Pierce thanked the volunteers for their support at this year’s event.

“We host a lot of carnivals and we have a beach here which is conducive to this kind of event. You can basically watch the race all the way,” he said. “We have shortened the course slightly this year, which has allowed us to keep the competitors in sight at all times.”

Wanda will also host the sixth Wanda SLSC Tradies One Club Carnival on Saturday, December 4th.

Over 1,000 competitors of all ages are expected to compete in a range of water and beach events including swimming, boarding, ironing, skiing, sprints, beach flags and races on the beach.

The carnival will provide a well-deserved success for Nutri-Grain series hopefuls Britney Pierce, Taylar Puskaric, Noah Steiner, Nick Middleton and Nathan Jay.

“There will be some serious competition at our carnival, but it’s for all ability levels. The concept of One Club is to bring together older surf sports enthusiasts and athletes at one event,” he said. said carnival organizer Greg Allum, who also praised the generosity of the event’s sponsors.

“It will be great to see the members return to the surf races. Like all parts of the community, our sport has been affected by the pandemic. We would like to see a large number of participants from Bate Bay and clubs in NSW compete and practice. surf sports. “



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