Jackass star Poopies cries as new footage of a near-fatal shark attack is released: “I thought I was going to die. There were ten sharks around me and I was trying to swim and… I could not!


A typhoon brings decent and magnificent barrels. Pipes rough enough for Brazilian Pip Toledo to think about it.

Panic struck at 5 p.m. on the island of Capri.

I had just come across a Michelin starred restaurant in Marina Picola after lunch, and I was like, “We have to eat there tonight”, so I walked in and made a reservation.

The problem?

Our dinghy ran out of fuel and it was extremely unlikely that we could return to the yacht at Marina Picola for dinner and return to the yacht afterwards. An emergency meeting was called and we all stood on the small sidewalk facing a beach club.

Andrew, who makes the world’s best boardshorts, was tired and voted to take a nap on the rocks of the Mediterranean. Nate and Josh, sensing the hot wind of fate, have puzzled options. Micah, a longshoreman on his way to law school, was ready for anything.

After a few minutes it was decided that we were going to take a taxi to Marina Grande, get gas, come back by taxi, then get settled.

The other problem?

We left our jerrycan in the dinghy, but this problem could certainly be resolved later. We hailed a convertible Fiat cab, walked up the cliff, and found a small gas station with no cans.

After getting even more puzzled, Nate went to a nearby store, bought some water bottles and we drank as much as we could, threw the rest on some dark purple bougainvillea and then filled them with this precious gas.

The taxi descent, in another Fiat convertible, was marked by silent and triumphant nods.

La dolce soddisfazione.

A deep sense of everything that works perfectly that the head of the International Surfing Association, Fernando Aguerre, might soon be feeling.

Star shaper Matt Biolos has rumored that a typhoon could be heading for Japan ahead of the big Olympic surfing debut in just a few weeks.

Aguerre, who pushed so hard for the inclusion of surfing and also insisted that the surf be in the ocean and not in a wave tank, was making a serious bet.

Chiba, the host region, usually has small waves in the summer, extremely small, perhaps insurfable for non-Brazilians but a typhoon?

Oh, a typhoon brings real beautiful barrels. Pipes rough enough for Brazilian Pip Toledo to think about it.

Admittedly, an already frustrated Japan will suffer a lot of damage, a costly addition to a costly bill, but for Aguerre?

For the future of Olympic surfing?

John John Florence’s roof drags a broken knee towards gold?


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