Kehlani loves surfing and posts gorgeous snaps on Instagram

It looks like Kehlani Ashley Parrish has fallen in love again! Yes, you read that right, but let’s say they didn’t find this newfound love for one person, but rather for an adventurous water sport.

The nights like this singer fell in love with surfing. Keep scrolling to find out when Kehlani started learning to surf and how they fell in love with the water sport.

Kehlani likes to surf

We heard there’s a new surfer in town. Yes, that’s right, it’s none other than American singer-songwriter Kehlani. Recently, the California native posted a series of photos while surfing the Instagram social media platform.

“I fucked and fell in love in 4 months,” they captioned the post. In photos shared by Kehlani, they can be seen catching a wave in a blue wetsuit using a yellow board.

How did celebrities react to Kehlani’s surf photos?

As soon as Kehlani posted her stunning surf photos on the social networking service Instagram, many of her fans and friends stopped in the comments section of her post to express her thoughts on surfing.

Cely Bird wrote, “I imagine sharks as ‘kehlani is a friend, my brother, not food'”, while Naomi Sharon commented, “Yeah, it motivates me.”

A fan of the singer wrote, “I love that you found something that makes you so happy 🤍🤍🤍,” followed by a user who commented, “No because you look like a real surfer.” Another user continued by saying, “kehlani is officially a surfer AHHHHHH I LOVE SEEING IT!!! they’re gonna start doing competitions I can see it.

Kehlani released her third album titled ‘Blue Water Road’ earlier this year.

The rock star has released his third studio album titled blue water road on April 29, 2022 via Atlantic Records and TSNMI. The album features guest appearances from many stars, including Blxst, Justin Bieber, Syd, Jessie Reyez, Ambré and Thundercat.

During an interview with Billboard, the Good life singer went on to say that their previous albums SweetSexySavage and It was good until it wasn’t anymore don’t expose the happy, bright space they are in right now.

Kehlani told the outlet, “I think I can honestly say that I did all the other albums in a dark studio – no windows and the lights are off. Not that all my other music sounded dark, even SweetSexySavage is very light. But sonically, [Blue Water Road] it looks like the ocean.

The More than I should The singer further added, “I have a friend I surf with who told me when he first listened to it that my album sounds like what surfing feels like. Shout Juju the jeweler. But when I heard that, now that I’m surfing, it’s interesting because I think that’s what my album sounds like.

Do you like surfing? Please let us know your thoughts on surfing in the comments section below. Don’t forget to stay tuned with us for the latest updates from the world of showbiz.

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