Linwood Barber Partners with Nonprofit to Give Life Lessons on a Skateboard | Continent

Lipstick launched the nonprofit program to connect with underserved children five years ago after a trip to Brazil where two vacationing friends taught kids how to skate.

“They realized there was a way to connect with kids in a more impactful way, teaching them to skate could help them learn to try something new, be active, give them something fun to do and when they fall it teaches them to be resilient and to get up and keep trying. In its own way, skating can teach children to be better equipped for the challenges they will face in life,” said Terri, Zentmeyer’s wife.

In New Jersey, Lipstick started a “rising leaders” skateboarding program in Camden at Stockton Park. Lipstick’s Josh Beaudry and his team of volunteers are dedicated to sharing the gift of skateboarding and empowering young people.

They provide access to skateboards, education and life skills to children in need not only in Camden but in Brazil, Puerto Rico and other impoverished areas. Using the collected parts, Lipstick builds “complete” or essentially whole skateboards and distributes them to kids who might otherwise never get the chance to skate.

The success of the program and the connection with the kids is not just about giving them a skateboard, but about the positive connection between the kids and the volunteers who spend hours teaching new skaters the confidence to try again. and again and when they fall, get up and try again.

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