Listen to the Disney radio version of Slipknot’s “Wait and Bleed”


If you’ve ever listened to Radio Disney, you know how warm and welcoming it sounds, obviously because it’s aimed at families and kids. If you’ve ever listened to Slipknot, you know they’re the complete opposite, but an audio genius named Andy Rehfeldt has created a Radio Disney version of their song “Wait and Bleed”.

We know of Rehfeldt’s work on YouTube, but apparently we missed this video because it was taken down. In July 2018, the YouTuber uploaded a video advertising his Disney-Slipknot creation, which directed viewers to a different link to watch it instead.

“That old video that was banned after being on YouTube for maybe eight years or something… Uh-oh, better not to show you that!” he said sarcastically as the clip played on his monitor in the background.

Fortunately, another user uploaded the video a year later on their own channel, so you can check it out below. The words match live footage of the ‘Knot performing the song at the London Arena in 2002, and there is something incredibly entertaining about hearing such a calm and soothing voice come out of Corey Taylor’s mouth.

Especially when he says, “Put your fucking hands up!” The music also sounds like it has a surf rock side to it.

Maybe Slipknot should consider which musical direction they’re going next. Taylor debuted with his new mask when the band premiered in 2021 in early September, so we know a new album is definitely on the way.

Andy Rehfeldt – Slipknot ‘Wait and Bleed’ Radio Disney

Slipknot – Radio ‘Wait and Bleed’ Disney Version

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