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Growing up in Moruya, Rachael Turner has plenty of salty and sandy memories of days spent at the beach, punctuated by quick returns to her mother and father’s business, The South Heads Store, across from the surf club, when it was all hands on deck serving customers for the lunch rush.

“Then we reapplied the sunscreen and went back to the beach, always making sure we were out of the water at dusk,” she said. “We knew we couldn’t stay any longer so we didn’t become shark bait.”

Ms. Turner left Moruya at age 18 to study business at Charles Sturt University in Wagga Wagga, but the area has always attracted her.

In recent years, the former Moruya Surf Lifesaving Club Nipper, surf lifeguard and marathon surf boat competitor, introduced her husband Vijay and her two young children Bonnie and Max – now fans of the Nippers surf club. themselves – the joys of the local lifestyle.

Future Lifeguards: Max and Bonnie are passionate Nippers with the SLSC Canberra-Broulee branch.

Now, as the general manager of retail for local energy supplier ActewAGL, she is based in Canberra, but on the weekends she and her family head to Barlings Beach where they are building a new home.

“We used to have a van on site in Moruya, but when the land became available at Barlings Beach, we made the decision to build,” Ms. Turner said.

“I love the area – it was a great place to grow up – and I always wanted to have a place here. In recent years, I have loved discovering all the little beaches that I never visited when I was there. was younger. We fell in love with Barlings Beach. “

Focus on sustainability

As you might expect, Ms. Turner’s new home on the South Coast is designed with energy efficiency and sustainability in mind.

His new home will be fully electric with a high energy efficiency rating. Key features include LED lighting, an efficient heat pump hot water system, skylights to make the most of natural light during the day, as well as SolarHub solar panels and a storage system. battery power to reduce emissions and energy costs.

“Safety and quality were at the heart of our decision to choose SolarHub for the purchase and installation of these products,” said Ms. Turner. “Like ActewAGL, SolarHub is local and has an excellent reputation for quality and service – they also provided the solar and battery storage system for our home in Canberra.”

Along with larger investments to create a more energy efficient home, there are many daily habits, Turner says, can help households reduce energy use, keep bills under control and support sustainability.

During the current colder months, there are a few small changes you can make that can have a big impact.

“Try to take it down a notch with the air conditioning,” she said. “Every degree you lower your thermostat saves up to 10% on heating bills. We recommend a setting between 18 and 20 degrees. And be sure to turn off your heating when you go out.

“Also, make the sun your best friend. Passive solar heating is the cheapest way to heat a home. Open the curtains and blinds on the north side of your home and let the sun in to heat it for free. But don’t. remember to close them at night to keep the heat inside.

“And embrace the cold a little. I turn the mixer on cold and only use the hot water when I really need it. Washing clothes in cold water is also a good idea – hot water can increase your energy costs by up to 90 percent. “

Get energy advice

Making sure its South Coast customers can easily get the support they need is the intention behind ActewAGL’s launch of its new energy bars and information center service offering advice from a team of local counselors – in person.

In addition to finding out how to reduce your consumption, you can check if your electricity plan is best suited to your needs, or organize all the details if you move.

Stimulate innovation: The efficient use of energy and sustainability are at the heart of Rachael Turner of ActewAGL's concerns.

Stimulate innovation: the efficient use of energy and sustainability are at the heart of Rachael Turner of ActewAGL’s concerns.

“Our feedback from our customers has shown that some prefer to talk to someone in person rather than over the phone or online,” said Ms. Turner. “So we launched two permanent energy bars – one in Canberra and one in Batemans Bay.

“They are managed by our own employees who can help you with anything from signing an agreement, to setting up a payment plan, to getting advice on reducing bills. of energy. We can make sure that you get the best plan for you, and that you receive all the relevant discounts and concessions. “

Eyes on the future

Although ActewAGL has a history and heritage like no other, being in the field and working in the community for many years, the company is firmly focused on the future.

Among the range of new products and services on which it is working are projects to extend charging infrastructure for electric vehicles (EVs).

The ActewAGL charging network now includes three fast chargers and eight fast chargers through ACT.

ActewAGL recently announced a partnership with national electric vehicle charging network provider Evie Networks and is currently seeking locations for charging stations in New South Wales as part of its mission to support early vehicle adoption. electric.

“It is part of our goal to ensure that we have sustainable, emission-free solutions available as part of our products and services, now and in the future,” said Ms. Turner.

ActewAGL’s Batemans Bay Energy Bar is located in the SolarHub foyer at 2 Kylie Crescent, open Monday through Thursday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Friday 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Another energy bar in Bega is being installed at the SolarHub office at 163 Carp Street. To find out more, visit the ActewAGL website.

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