Mercedes-Benz launches recalls for nearly 40,000 Sprinter and Freightliner vans


Mercedes-Benz is recalling approximately 4,100 Sprinter and Freightliner vans from the 2019-2021 model years in the United States to address a seat issue in certain vehicles that could prevent the proper functioning of the seat-mounted side airbag.

The automaker said that in some of the vans equipped with power swivel front seats, the seat wire harness may be improperly routed or mounted in the swivel seat frame and could be pinched and damaged when electrically adjusting the position. from the headquarters.

As a result, the side airbag mounted in the seat may not function properly and the side airbag may inadvertently or not deploy as intended in a crash.

Vehicles were produced with out-of-specification front seat wiring harness routing and mounting, with the wiring harness not being held in place as specified if the front seats pivot to their maximum turning distance.

Dealers will solve the problem by securing a mounting clip in the correct position. The automaker said it would notify dealers and owners of the recall campaign in mid-July.

The automaker will recall another 33,000 Sprinter and Freightliner vans from the 2019-2021 model years to address a software issue in the multimedia display that may cause the screen to remain black or restart after startup. This could cause the rear view camera image to display incorrectly. This recall has the same schedule as the seat wiring harness repair.

Jerry Hirsch October 26, 2020

The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van excels as a utility vehicle and performs well as a motorhome.

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