No Contest 2021: Australia Surf Video Highlights


As we all know, 2020 has been a strange year for the world, and surfing has been far from spared. In some parts of the planet, participation has exploded as lockdowns led to exemptions from exercise and surfing became the stress relief of choice. As a result, we saw the stocks of gear dwindle with boards and wetsuits flying off the racks. In surf-centric zip codes, numbers in the water had never been greater, while for the far corners of the planet, a year of canceled travel plans saw empty lines like never before.

For the WSL, that meant the 2020 season was canceled entirely and some much-talked-about tour reshuffles finally took place. The first big change saw the traditional Pipeline Masters who decide the title move to the start of the program, so Hawaiian events of the past year, won by John John Florence and Tyler Wright, actually kicked off the 2021 roster. The 2022 season will also open in Hawaii, although Pipe will take place in January, so the timeline will make a bit more sense.

Four months after most of the CT contestants left Hawaii, the WSL concocted a bold plan to revive the 2021 Championship Tour in Australia. Two charter flights, endless testing and 14 days of government-imposed hotel quarantine later, the world’s best surfers have finally been reunited in the hardcore surfing town of Newcastle, NSW.

With Ashton Goggans left in Los Angeles, our friends from Stab called Red Bull Cape Fear competitor and junior world champion 2009 Laura Enever to animate this episode of No competition and deciphering the logistics involved in shipping a major sports league around the planet was his first point of activity.
With the administrative side of things taken care of we encountered a perennial title threat and a resident of Queenslander turned Newcastle. Julien wilson to familiarize yourself with the pitch and catch up with Novocastrian Championship Tour stars Ryan Callinan and Morgan Cibilic to find out what makes Steel City tick.
On the competition side, to the reigning world champion of the Rip Curl Newcastle Cup Italo Ferreira won, while Carissa moore joined him in the yellow leader’s jersey after a resounding victory in the ladies. Moore’s race to glory was capped in the quarterfinals with a 9.9 for best aerial ever in women’s competition, a huge Air-Reverse that left her in tears and opponent Johanne Defay did had no choice but to applaud the formation.

From one hardcore surf town to another. After Newcastle the peloton headed two hours south to North Narrabeen, the scene of our host’s famous junior victory, and who better to introduce us to this famous stretch of Sydney sand than the woman who had just been announced as wildcard for the Rip Curl Narrabeen Classique?

We meet Enever North Narrabeen’s comrades at the local surf club, the heart and soul of any Australian seaside community, and hear about Narrabeen’s surfing history. These days, Enever is focusing on the Big Wave Kingdom and we are seeing a screening in his hometown of his recent film Undone, which is met with incredible reception from his peers.

While Enever didn’t get the result she expected at the Rip Curl Narrabeen Classic, the action is still intense and fast. This time it was Gabriel Medina who took the victory for Brazil in the men’s draw, while Caroline Marc hoisted the women’s trophy and warned Hawaiian Carissa Moore.

As we left the East Coast, the main talking points revolved around whether or not someone can derail Gabriel Medina or Italo Ferreira, if anyone takes up the challenge Carissa Moore is throwing at their competition, and if Australian rookie Morgan Cibilic can maintain his sparkle and surprising form. Hit play on the video above to take a look at the evidence for yourself, then get ready for the upcoming West Australian episode of No Contest.

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