Old Navy Adds More Jeans In Store – Best Styles

The Gap Company, through its Old Navy brand, is revolutionizing the physical experience for plus-size shoppers – simply by making it equal to what a straight-size shopper expects when they walk into a space. sale to detail. In August last year – after “years of extensive research”, according to the brand – Old Navy launched the BODEQUALITY campaign, completely changing the full-size retail experience for the better. The retailer promised that every women’s style stocked in store would be available in sizes 0-28, and that mannequins displaying clothes in sizes 4, 12 and 18 would flank the size-inclusive shelves. (Online customers could select designs in any of these three sizes when shopping at the brand’s e-commerce hub.)

That might not seem so important to anyone who is used to seeing styles and clothes that match their body type, but if you’re a plus-size shopper, you know the difficulty of shopping intimately. Imagine walking into a store and being directed to a dimly lit and neglected corner where there are only a few shelves with styles and designs played out. I know that might sound a bit dramatic, but for plus-size shoppers like me, this sad imagery of an in-store shopping experience is a little closer to reality than we’d like. Not only are plus-size shopping sections often smaller and lacking in options, many retailers who “offer” extended sizes don’t actually stock them in physical stores, leaving those with larger bodies to surf. perpetually on the Internet with no hope for the IRL brick-and-mortar experience that their straight-cut peers take for granted.

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