Olympian descends the Thames on a ‘flying surfboard’


Hate taking public transport in London? Well, maybe there is a new way to travel through the capital, and it has amazing views.

Olympian snowboarder Aimee Fuller took on the dramatic challenge of flying over the Thames on a ‘flying surfboard’.

Aimee rode the river for more than 8 miles on an “eFoil” as part of a public relations launch by luxury watchmakers and manufacturers TAG Heuer.

The waterfall, which floated past Battersea Power Station, the Houses of Parliament and MI6, saw Aimee become the first woman to travel the iconic stretch of the Thames on an e-foil.

TAG Heuer

eFoil works with a hydrofoil powered by an electric propeller that creates lift allowing surfers to catch even the smallest waves.

While designed to seem effortless by the Olympic athlete, eFoils can hit up to 35 miles per hour, so you might have a hard time using one to get to work across the Thames.

Aimee said it wasn’t an easy ride as she trained hard for the stunt, but if you find “that perfect balance, position and point, the board literally cuts the water and you have the impression of flying “.

News Buyer:

“We are delighted to support the launch of the new Aquaracer Professional 300 with Aimee’s bold challenge today on the Thames; it is the perfect expression of TAG Heuer’s passion for high performance extreme sports ”, explained Rob Diver, Managing Director of TAG Heuer – UK and Ireland.

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