On-site parking, loading area New site plan for Tuckerton Lumber Co. highlighted.

(Photo by Ryan Morrill)

By approving a site plan that deprives the Tuckerton Lumber Company of lots no longer needed for commercial operations, members of the Surf City Land Use Board recognized the new owners for keeping the nearly century-old company a commercial property on the east side of Long Beach Boulevard.

The decision came on March 23 after nearly 2.5 hours of testimony in two meetings over a 30-day period and after the claimant submitted a more detailed amended site plan showing the exact location of the storage racks. moved and how it fits in with onsite parking plus a load. area meant to relieve North Second Street of tractor-trailer-induced traffic rumbles.

All business-related materials located on lots west of the boulevard will be moved to company facilities in Tuckerton. The remaining structures on the deeded lots must be demolished within six months, subject to the terms of the approval. The lots are no longer part of the site plan.

Dave Wright was the only council member to vote against the amended site plan.

“Sorry, but I’m voting no because of the parking lot,” Wright said. “I know the builders. Sounds nice on paper, but you’re never going to train these guys to do what’s on paper, so good luck.

Peter Hartney, Chairman of the Land Use Board, voted in favor of the application saying, “This site plan, which we have been working on together, certainly improves the use of the land. We will never get to 70 parking spaces (which is necessary). It provides a better parking plan, which allows better management of parking in this area. »

In addition to improving on-site parking, another strong feature of the modified plan for some council members was its ability to move the loading/unloading area from the middle of North Second Street.

“The most important thing for me is seeing the loading dock, just to try to take some of the pressure off of the tractor-trailers,” said board member Gavin Hodgson, adding: “I think it’s It’s good that we’re preserving a bit of business in town that benefits the town of Surf City and the whole island. There’s no other business like this on LBI, so I appreciate that she stays.

Board member Paul Hoover, who moved the motion to approve the application, agreed with Hodgson to remove the semi-trailer obstacles that at various times throughout the year have plagued North Second Street where it intersects the boulevard.

“I think they’ve met all the requirements, and the new plans allow us to see much more clearly what needs to be done,” he said.

Alan Mannherz, vice chairman of the board, said the candidates were cooperative throughout the process and ultimately delivered a plan that improves area safety by removing the central North Second Street loading area .

“I’m going to vote yes too,” board member Sandra Klose said when voting. “I think the plans satisfy our recommendations from the previous meeting and I’m also happy that it remains commercial.”

Tuckerton Lumber Company was sold after an amended listing caught the eye of buyers who would keep the historic business open. Investment group TLC Land Holding, LLC and new store operators Tom Dwier and Joe Lynch took ownership in July.

The Surf City building and grounds at 200 Long Beach Blvd. and the Railroad Avenue business in Tuckerton that preceded it since 1932 were both included in the multi-million dollar purchase.

—Gina G. Scala

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