Only on Roblox: Why Burberry is selling unique virtual bags covered in clouds and foliage

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Burberry is selling handbags made of clouds, water and wild foliage, with each design available for 24 hours only on Roblox, marking the British brand’s latest step into digital fashion in the metaverse.

The Burberry Lola collection will feature five fantastical virtual bags, leveraging technology to achieve qualities that “would be quite difficult to achieve” in the physical world, says Rachel Waller, Burberry’s global vice president of innovation.

“With this particular project, it’s not just about the bag and its existence in the real world, but it’s playful and imaginative in the sense that if it didn’t have to exist within the confines of the physical world, what would you do to bring the attitude of the bag and our brand elements to life?” she says.

From July 11 to July 15, an unlimited number of each bag will be released daily and can be owned and worn through any experience on the gaming platform. A virtual bag costs 800 Robux, the Roblox currency, which reflects the price “premium” of Burberry’s real-world offering, Waller explains. A small size quilted lambskin Lola physical bag costs £1,490. 800 Robux equals £8.99, according to Roblox, although luxury items have a higher resale value on the platform. Gucci’s limited-edition virtual accessories used to cost between $1.20 and $9 on Roblox, for example, but some shoppers are willing to shell out big bucks for the coveted resale items. A user paid around $4,115, or 350,000 Robux, for Gucci’s only Roblox bee-embroidered handbag.

Burberry is launching five limited-edition virtual Lola bag styles on Roblox.

Photo: Courtesy of Burberry/Roblox

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