Products of the Week: Dutch Ovens, Technicolored Luggage and an Elite Running Shoe Collab

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Every week, our inbox is overflowing with news on gear, apparel, and tech news from around the world. In this feature, we will analyze the best of them. Today: Le Creuset mini bread ovens make baking easier, Away is launching new carry-on colors and District Vision x New Balance offers performance design at its best.

Vision of the neighborhood

District Vision x New Balance FuelCell RC Elite v2

As any serious marathon runner will tell you, the age of the super shoe has arrived. Few things look as good as District Vision’s redesigned FuelCell RC Elite v2, however, and with all of New Balance’s high-end racer performance touchpoints, it’s a no-brainer for the swaggering racer.

a hat with an ampersand on a gray background

Hedley and Bennett

Hedley & Bennett Toques

Hedley & Bennett may be known for their kitchenware (their particularly excellent aprons are a mainstay in virtually every IH editor’s kitchen), but they also make one hell of a dad hat.

A charcoal spark grill on a patio

Spark Grill

Spark One Charcoal Grill

A charcoal grill as easy to use as a gas stove? Sign us up. A dial-controlled gem that sets and maintains temperature from 250F to 900F, the Spark One Grill is backyard innovation at its finest.

An image of lifelabs sheets

Life Labs

LifeLabs Sleepwear and Bedding

After a groundbreaking apparel release, LifeLabs is back with a sleepwear and bedding collection designed to keep you cool on those scorching summer days. The startup’s CoolLife fabric found in the new collection is able to extract heat from your body, reducing your core temperature by 2° Fahrenheit to promote deeper sleep in the non-REM state. Cozy up in a set of sheets or slip into sleepwear to finally catch some zzzzzz.

nail polish


Pleasant mushroom bloom

Harry Styles’ beauty brand Pleasing launched its second micro-collection this week, inspired by a certain hallucinogen. Similar to the brand’s first drop, “Shroom Bloom” features four new nail polishes, plus “Acid Drops” (a brightening night serum) and a hand and nail moisturizer – all wrapped up in groovy packaging. psychedelic inspiration. In addition to beauty products, the new collection also includes matching products modeled by a certain Mick Fleetwood.

a pair of sneakers on a yoga mat with weights


Reebok Nano X2

Reebok’s Nano X2, the latest iteration of the revered Nano sneaker, is updated with an all-new FlexWeave knit upper and redesigned heel clip. It really is the perfect multidisciplinary gym shoe for all sporting activities. The shoe launches globally on April 8, but Reebok members — a less-than-exclusive club that requires a simple email signup — get access to the new version now.

Three cans of White Claw Surf on a beach.

White Claw

White Claw Surf

You can see all of our in-depth thoughts on White Claw’s new line of hard seltzers here, but the TLDR version: they kinda rule. Bursting with bold and refreshing flavors, White Claw Surf just might be your spiked seltzer this summer.

A bottle of Truff with a skull


Truff x Warren Lotas

Warren Lotas is arguably the most skilled designer you’ve ever heard of, so it’s no surprise that trending hot sauce brand Truff, which is living proof that good graphic design and sauces surprisingly incandescent (interpret that however you want) can go a long way. , decided to call on the young fashionista for an exclusive collaboration. The resulting “White Hotter” trim is a streetwear Spicehead’s dank dream; Too bad it’s only available to the few who luckily call Los Angeles and Erewhon home, heaven on earth.

Two side-by-side shots of a GLCO x Birdwell model

Garrett Leight

Garrett Leight GLCO x Birdwell Collection

As if a six-piece co-branded capsule of OG beach favorites Birdwell Britches and luxury eyewear designer Garrett Leight wasn’t wavy enough, the matching competition jacket, swim shorts and Troubadour sunglasses guarantee that you will be the most dripping guy in the post-surf sesh hang.

a handle holding a can of Patagonia beer


Patagonia x Dogfish Head Beer

What’s your favorite beer to bring in your backpack cooler? Forget it, because there’s a new can in town: Kernza Pils, a collaboration between Patagonia Provisions and Dogfish Head Brewery. Provisions is Patagonia’s food arm that seeks to elevate sustainable and regenerative agriculture, so here the partnership with Dogfish Head highlights Kernza, a perennial cereal (as opposed to a cereal planted every year) that was developed by The Land Institute in Salina, Kansas, in 2008. Regarding the tasting notes: “…Kernza adds subtle, spicy warmth to the beer, while organic Contessa hops, with notes of pear and green tea , gives it a bright floral character and a unique clean and crisp drinkability. We can’t wait to get our hands on a six-pack.

a bread oven on a gray background

The Crucible

Le Creuset bread oven

There are many ways to bake bread at home without buying additional equipment, from loaf pans to dutch ovens to griddles. But you’ll also want to take a look at Le Creuset’s absolutely stunning new bread oven. Go ahead and ogle this elegant domed enameled cast iron in the French brand’s vibrant color range, and tell me you wouldn’t use the word “magnificent” to describe it. Designed to trap and circulate steam, the bread oven proves old brands can learn new tricks.

a pair of technicolor luggage

A way

Technicolor Limited Edition Away Suitcase

We don’t know which part of the Away Carry-On are the biggest fans: the durable polycarbonate hard shell, 360° spinner wheels and interior compression system, or the new multi-color colors — “bloom” and “tropic”. ” – it fits.

a lantern and a snow spike

snow peak

Snow Peak Home and Camping Lantern

Rechargeable, portable and refreshingly modern, the Snow Peak LED Lantern adds a soothing ambiance to any occasion. The adjustable handle and dimmable light, two features absent from traditional camping lanterns, adapt to spaces large and small, indoors and outdoors. Find this contemporary beacon in three soft colors that accent sofa, camping and beyond.

a pair of outdoor and Manolo Birkenstock


Birkenstock S/S Projects

Not one but two Birkenstock projects feature in our favorite products this week, and for good reason; German shoe retailers shrewdly displayed their range with the release of a down-to-earth, tote-packed Outdoors collection capable of conquering any trail, and the announcement of their new collaboration, with none other than Manolo Blahnik ( yes, like “Sex and the City”). More chic than rugged, the silos in Arizona and Boston will be redone in colorful velvet and adorned with some serious bling — and would set you back around $800. The first is available now on Birkenstock’s online store, while the second will be released on March 24.

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