Revealed: Australia’s surf shop is said to include leaflets on ‘surf etiquette’ when selling surfboards over 8ft to adult learners!

“No athletes and officials from Russia will be invited to participate or attend ISA events until further notice.”

What is history but one fucking thing after another?

It’s 2022 and we’re still sorting things out by blowing ourselves up with the guns and bombs that serve the mega rich?

I really wish we had a Swedish teenager with special needs to warn us that for the good of humanity, among other things, this is no way to behave.

And speaking of behavior, even if surfing has nothing to do with a war on your brother (unless you want to go surf Snapper or maybe take longboard contests away from Joel Tudor), our well- beloved international surfing association is locked in a shit fight with the Russian Surfing Federation.

Who would have believed it ?

Firing the first salvo, the ISA stands with Ukraine,

“No Russian athletes and officials will be invited to participate in or attend ISA events until further notice…will not consider hosting ISA events in Russia for the foreseeable future…The global surfing community is shocked and appalled by Russia’s horrific act of aggression and Belarus’ role in facilitating their invasion of Ukraine… We are unequivocal in our views on this crisis and we stand in full solidarity with Ukraine and the people of Ukraine. This is a human tragedy that requires all of us to take a strong stand and send a message that such violence will not be tolerated or forgotten. The decisions of the ISA serve to ensure security of the public, athletes and officials, and to protect the integrity of our competitions… We remain in contact with the Ukrainian Surfing Federation to offer support to the Ukrainian surfing community and hope that peace will be restored as soon as possible. ent possible. possible”.

The RSF responded with its own defensive maneuver,

“Today the Russian Surfing Federation held a meeting to discuss the position on the sanctions all Russian athletes have fallen to due to the current political situation in the world. Following the Russian Olympic Committee and in support to our talented athletes, we would like to emphasize that sport cannot be politicized; sport unites, does not discriminate and cannot be a tool of manipulation; the exclusion of Russian athletes from international competitions is illegal and contrary to the Olympic principles On our side, we will immediately send our application to the International Surfing Federation and the European Surfing Federation in order to protect the rights of our athletes to participate in international competitions and to take all possible measures to end discrimination” .

There you have it, the power of strongly worded emails.


Why don’t we just send in the businessmen who caused all this and let them sort it out?

Personally, I like this idea. Like the billionaire Levi’s-501-Jeans seller on the Russian black market who just offered a million dollars to anyone who would arrest Putin.

Or maybe just take Putin to the Maldives and teach him how to surf?

But for God’s sake, please keep him away from the Goldie. I can already see Rabbit standing in front of the Russian tanks at the Kirra Lookout.

And we need Rabbit more than this Russian guy.

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