Rumor: Kelly Slater is creating a ‘super resort’ at Pipeline after buying the beachfront home of a neighbour, a sizzling former bikini model and ex-wife of a controversial Australian billionaire!

The ultimate home for the man who has owned Pipe since 1992, winning seven Pipeline Masters, a Billabong Pro Pipeline and two Volcom Pros.

This rumor is a bit old, maybe a year old, only because the source, a real good one, asked me to leave a gap between hearing it and its release in the streets.

Fifty-one-year-old Jodhi Meares is the wildly sexy former bikini model who married Australian billionaire James Packer in 1999 (“Wedding of the Decade”, 750 guests. Elton John flashing keys at reception) , divorced three years later, emerged significantly wealthier and turned it into two successful fashion labels, first Tiger Lily and then The Upside.

Meares at fifty-one.

She’s not stupid. Billabong bought Tiger Lily for somewhere between three and five million and The Upside became an Australian version of Lululemon.

In 2009, surfer Meares snapped up a beachfront home in Pipe, next to Kelly Slater.

And, now, we’re told, Slater has bought Meares’ redundant vacation home and combined the two properties into one beachfront resort, the ultimate home for a man who owns Pipeline, at least competitively, since 1992, winning the Pipe Masters seven times, eight if you count that year’s Billabong Pipe Pro and the Volcom Pipe Pro twice.

The Meares House is just a small part of Slater’s formidable Hawaiian real estate portfolio.

Avid readers will recall that two months ago Slater was renting out his five-bed, six-bathroom Laniakea mansion, which he bought in 2017, for $46,000 a month.

Architectural Digest likes it.

“(He) is imbued with Asian and Hawaiian design elements, made especially apparent by the serene promenade above an outdoor pond with a Buddha statue seated amid tropical plant life.

Slater has joints around the world, of course. Who can forget the two million dollar beachfront apartment he keeps in Palm Beach, what you would call a recovering suburb?, at least if you wanted to be nice, on the Gold Coast of Queensland?

It’s not Frank Lloyd Wright, architecturally, though there are hints of Mies van der Rohe, at least in spirit, but what’s on the Gold Coast?

You have plenty of space and, best of all, it faces northeast, which means the high summer heat is tempered by a sea breeze.

It’s not Kelly’s only birthplace on the Gold Coast. Seventeen years ago, he bought a small, viewless apartment in Tugun, just south of Palm Beach, for $445,000.

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