SLOBODIAN: Bernier in the long term


Expect to quickly lose your freedoms one by one.

Expect the newly re-elected Liberal minority government to strip them without resistance, often with the blessing of opposition parties.

Expect inflation to spike as the Liberals abandon money that Canada does not have.

But don’t expect the leader of the People’s Party of Canada, Maxime Bernier, who didn’t win a seat, to take a leisurely flight into the sunset.

Expect to see him soon in Alberta campaigning for three PPC candidates in the Alberta Senate election which will take place when Albertans go to the polls on October 18.

Above all, don’t give up hope, says Bernier.

“There is hope. This is why I am in politics,” said Bernier Western standard.

“I believe in people. And it’s never too late to do it right. I believe we can change the course of the country. But it can be difficult. “

However, Canada is in the eye of a storm that will erode many freedoms before it passes.

“I believe (Prime Minister Justin) Trudeau will move forward with restrictions on our freedoms,” Bernier said.

“The Liberals will have the support of the Conservatives on this, as well as all the other establishment parties. “

Trudeau announced on Tuesday that he would “foot the bill” for provinces that have already implemented passports for the COVID-19 vaccine. And he will create an internationally recognized version of it.

He also ordered 300,000 federal employees to be vaccinated or to be made redundant. He plans to ban plane and train travel to the unvaccinated.

Trudeau is just getting started, Bernier warns.

“I don’t see a bright future in the next few months.”

Bernier predicts that the next Liberal platform will impose on Canadians Bill C-10 to revise Internet rules and Bill C-36 to crack down on hate speech online. Both are dangerous attacks on freedom of expression.

“Censorship will be in Canada. Bills C-36 and C-10, I expect that will pass. We will do everything to ensure that Canadians understand the impact of these laws.

Meanwhile, he predicts that inflation will rise.

“It’s 4.1% now. With all the spending the Trudeau government will make, inflation will rise. “

Canadians will soon have a clearer picture of Canada’s Liberal vision.

“Canadians elected a party that does not put Canadians first and our country first. We will see more policies consistent with socialism in this country. ”

But rest assured, Bernier expects another election call within two years.

“This is why we must remain vigilant, and we will.”

So much to do. Campaign for Senators from Alberta. Push back the left-wing media. Build the party. Wait for a decision on a major lawsuit and deal with this court case in Manitoba.

Although he didn’t even win his own seat, Bernier argued that the PPC got 830,000 votes, 5% of the total vote, up from 1.6% in the 2019 election.

“The future is open to us because the Conservative Party of Canada is no longer conservative. So we will have more support in the future. We are the only real opposition right now.

The PPC rushed to nominate 311 candidates, many of whom intended to run again.

“It will be a big difference from this last election. We have a stronger team, a better organization and more people know we exist now. “

In the aftermath of the elections, some media warned that the PPC was dangerous and made up of people with “deeply rooted racist views”.

“I think the media weren’t happy with our result,” said Bernier, shrugging his shoulders.

If he regrets that Twitter berated him for a tweet calling three journalists “idiots,” he hasn’t said so.

Bernier also tweeted: “They want to play dirty, we’ll play dirty too” and listed their email addresses, and urged subscribers to contact them.

“I will answer questions from real journalists. Journalists militant left, I will not do it, “said Bernier, who praised the local media encountered throughout the campaign.

“These people are very capable. I will always work with competent journalists.

A judge is expected to render a ruling in October on Bernier’s $ 325,000 lawsuit against political commentator Warren Kinsella.

Bernier sought damages alleging Kinsella called him a “racist and Nazi” during and after the 2019 campaign, causing damage to his reputation, public scandal and embarrassment.

Kinsella replied that his freedom of speech and expression is protected.

Meanwhile, the Manitoba court case drags on. Bernier was arrested, handcuffed and jailed in June. He has been accused of exceeding public assembly limits and violating Manitoba’s requirement to self-isolate upon entering the province to stage anti-containment rallies and organize his campaign.

“They don’t want me in court because they know I’ll win, and they don’t want to set a precedent. I’m waiting another day and I’ll be there.

But before that, let’s go to Alberta to fight for the autonomy of the people of the West and to raise the profile of PPC.

“We are fighting for individual freedom and personal responsibility. We will grow… this holiday is here for the long haul.

Slobodian is the Manitoba Senior Columnist for the Western Standard
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