Smile Recognition Activation Leads Golden Circle Brand’s Latest Efforts

Developing brand awareness and conversion through experiential connection is at the heart of Golden Circle’s adoption of smile recognition technology for its latest campaign.

Golden Circle SmilePay vending machine debuted in December and was started by 72and sunny agency and software development company, Enabled 2 GO Technologies. The pop-up machine uses the existing smile recognition ability to recognize a consumer’s smile and, in return, release a free Golden Circle fruit drink popper.

In addition to getting a complimentary drink, consumers can directly share their SmilePay moment through the brand’s social media and also enter the race to win a year’s supply of Golden Circle drinks. Along with the machine, the brand has launched a targeted social campaign and is actively calling on consumers to suggest where the pop-up machine should appear via Facebook and Instagram.

The first stop for experiential activation was the Pacific Fair Shopping Center on the Gold Coast from December 1-7.

Andrea Payne, A / NZ Marketing Manager at Kraft Heinz Drinks, said Marketing director activating SmilePay was a great way to connect with current cultural sentiment as consumers emerge from lockdown and enter an Australian summer.

“We want Golden Circle to connect with consumers who truly value the experiences as much as the product,” she said. “It’s a fantastic way to have a really strong conversation in a cultural moment.

“The times Australians have gone through over the past 24 months have been difficult, but now people are starting to smile and feel joy. As a brand, we see ourselves bringing that flash of sunshine and special, simple moments. Being culturally relevant and finding times when our brand can make sense and achieve our goal of offering that touch of sunshine is key. ”

The activation has direct links to Golden Circle’s ‘Share the Sun’ motif, which has remained consistent since the brand’s inception in Queensland almost 75 years ago. The moniker is complemented by a partnership with Surf Life Saving Australia (SLS). As part of its summer campaign efforts, Golden Circle will be hosting weekly pop-ups with giveaways and fundraising activities at a different Surf Life Saving Club nationwide.

“All of this is related to the sun and the fruit element. Another 30 years ago we had jingles that talked about this sharing of the sun, ”Payne said. “This has been constant throughout the history of the brand. It’s exciting as a team to have something with such an emotional connection.

Experiential activity, however, is a more recent trend cited by Payne over the past 5-10 years. She attributed this to consumers who expect more in the value equation between themselves and brands.

“It’s not just about the product anymore, there is a bigger equation at play,” she continued. “Consumers want brands to have a social impact and to have a brand experience. Now we have to see this as part of the marketing mix. How to bring brand experiences to life and connect with the consumer is therefore a key objective. ”

Young families, especially those with elementary school-aged children, are Golden Circle’s preferred customers. Payne said you can also often find his small 1-liter drinks in the refrigerators of consumers who have recently left their homes.

“Being part of a fruit drink means you tend to be tied to the breakfast occasion. Being able to promote our drinks at different times of the day and for different occasions, not just in the lunchbox, is a very important part of what we are trying to do with the campaign, ”she explained.

The overall measures of Golden Circle success rely more on consideration and testing than importance and awareness.

“As a 75-year-old brand, we have a strong market share, so dominance is not the primary focus for us. It creates value and consideration through those experiences, ”Payne said.

Payne also hoped that encouraging consumers to take a look at the brand and tell the group where they would like the SmilePay machine to appear next would encourage further engagement.

“We want to start a conversation with consumers and give them more sense of belonging to the brand,” she said.

The SmilePay machine is now on its way to the Kraft Heinz factory in Northgate, Queensland, where anyone on site or who works there can interact. Since consumers have the option of sending the SmilePay machine to other locations, Payne said his team sees this as continuous activation with a long lifespan.

Given the potential concerns over data and privacy, a full team also worked initially to assess any data security risks.

“We don’t store any data unless a consumer shares a photo and that’s only when we capture the data as an isolated instance,” she said. “We made sure that due diligence was applied to protect consumers and interactions with the brand. ”

With its 75th anniversary next year, 2022 is clearly shaping up to be a big year for Golden Circle. For Payne, the priority is to continue this experience bond with the brand.

“We want consumers to feel involved in the anniversary celebrations. And it’s not just the trust and credibility we’ve built over the past 75 years, but also bringing consumers with us into the future, ”she added.

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