SpaceX’s Starlink may be added first to Independence of the Seas

Although Royal Caribbean has not confirmed any rollout schedule for its new Starlink internet deal, there is at least one ship that appears to have it installed already.

Royal Caribbean this week announced a new partnership with SpaceX’s Starlink service that will bring high-speed internet access to all Royal Caribbean cruise ships.

A Royal Caribbean spokesperson did not provide a timeline other than “the deployment of Starlink technology will begin immediately on all Royal Caribbean International ships.”

In the original press release, the company planned to deliver Starlink to ships of all three brands of the Royal Caribbean group by the end of the first quarter of 2023.

Independence first?

Cruisers aboard Independence of the Seas have noticed work being done on the stern of the ship which appears to be new antennas.

RoyalCaribbeanBlog reader Paul “Land Genie” Crow shared photos of the area near the stern of the ship where the new antennas go.

If true, the antennas are located above the viewing area of ​​the Flowrider surf simulator.

It is not yet known when the new service will be activated, but Mr Crow reports hearing from crew members that installers boarded the ship in Nassau earlier in the cruise and have been working ever since.

Celebrity Beyond

If you sail with Celebrity, then the Celebrity Beyond could be the first for them.

The Verge reports that Celebrity Beyond is set to launch Starlink on September 5.

Why Starlink on Cruise Ships Matters

If internet access on a cruise vacation doesn’t excite you, you may be in the minority.

As everywhere on earth, having reliable and fast internet access has become a way of life and not just for those looking to work at sea.

Society has become more dependent than ever on internet access, and on a cruise ship, the internet is the means to stay in touch with the outside world.

Whether it’s texting or calling family, checking the latest updates on social media, or keeping up with sporting events, occasional internet use is a major need for many. travellers.

And then there’s the contingent of vacationers who need to work while on vacation or prefer to work remotely from another location.

Until now, Royal Caribbean’s internet service has been hit or miss, depending on which ship you’re sailing on and what part of the world you’re visiting. All but the newer ships had mediocre to poor internet speeds, and even the new ship’s internet access was generally slower than internet access on land.

What can customers expect?

Royal Caribbean did not disclose technical details about Starlink service on board, such as what kind of speed customers can expect or how much bandwidth each ship will receive.

They said passengers should expect to use streaming services and make video calls once deployed.

Another big question is the price.

No pricing has been shared for Starlink, and it remains unclear what price changes, if any, will occur as a result of the switch to Starlink.

When Royal Caribbean tested Starlink on Freedom of the Seas earlier this summer, they didn’t change prices during the trial period.

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Many readers seem to think pricing will go up as a result of the upgrade, but the company hasn’t commented on pricing.

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