Sunday August 7, 2022 – La Minute Monocle

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Answers on postcards…

With most of the northern hemisphere in full swing of summer, it must be time for The Monocle Common Sense Quiz, edition one. The rules are very simple and open to all time zones, but you must respond no later than 6:00 p.m. Zurich time on Tuesday to be eligible for one of the three prizes. While there’s always a right answer to everything, our editors will also allow creative license and award extra marks for wit and pragmatism. As common sense is at the heart of Monocle’s editorial mission and is the whole point of this quiz, be sure to factor this into your answers.

As for the prices, that’s how it is. Third place gets a set of Delfonics cases to stay organized. Second place will receive a signed copy of The monocle book of photography with a striped Monocle summer tote. And the winner receives a specially selected set of “back to work” treats, chosen by our retail manager. It sounds good ? Ready? Let’s go.

It’s a Saturday afternoon, you’re in a lovely hotel in Sardinia but no one told you when you booked that most of the hotel was going to be occupied by Instagrammers with big lips/tits/glutes and their photographers. There is so much rise around the pool that it was blocked by the sun. What are you doing?

You’re not a fan of video conferencing and you’re also a picky eater when it comes to timing. What is an acceptable window to wait for someone to appear on screen? Three minutes? Five?

You are in the lobby of a large hotel in the Alps and your friends have invited their dog to have a belly massage. Of all the pets you are friendly with, this is your favorite. Although it’s more medium-sized than a toy, it jumps in your lap. Guests all around ask for his name and where he is from. He is having a great time and is so relaxed that he begins to emit the quietest and most violent farts. Moments later, a nearby woman gags and another pulls out a fan. What action are you doing?

You just read an article in a favorite Swiss newspaper about cancel culture. It is written from the perspective of a puzzled Chicago-based correspondent who is a scathing critic of this American export. You conclude that this type of commentary would no longer pass most editors in American newsrooms, which makes it all the more intriguing. Do you send it to all your American friends and colleagues to show them that freedom of thought and expression is alive and well elsewhere? Or leave them alone?

A friend has invited you to dinner and asks if there are any food issues. In your excitement, you reply that there is no problem and that you are “really a fan of oysters or goat cheese”. When you arrive at the outdoor diner there is a tower of oysters that have been flown in from France and a block the size of a wagon wheel goat. Perfect for the other guests gathered. After a while, the host asks you why you don’t touch the items you really care about and you become slightly uncomfortable. Under the table you consult your phone. Horror! You forgot to type “not” before “really in”. Now what?

All responses can be sent to me at [email protected] Please include your phone number. Winners will be invited to next week’s edition of Monocle on Sunday but will be notified in advance. Get typing!

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