SUP Holiday Gift and Gear Guide 2021

SAN DIEGO, CA – 2022 is almost here! As the giveaway holidays are in full swing it’s time to think of something awesome for the SUP’er in your life so here at Supconnect we’ve put together a gift / gear guide of the newest and most popular items. coolest to have recently on the shelves and racks of the SUP market. If you are looking for something to give your sweetheart, mother, brother, sister, friend, or anyone else this holiday season, this guide will be perfect for the stand up paddler in your life. And who’s to say you can’t get that little something for yourself, it’s the season after all! Treat yourself to something you’ve always wanted! We’ve put together a list of SUP equipment, SUP accessories, SUP boards and all the must-haves for everyone from beginner to advanced SUP, so there’s bound to be something in this guide for everyone. world !

Take a look at the SUP gear guide for the 2021 holidays below:


Slingshot SUPWindr

Convert your standard SUP board to a wingsurf board. The sUP WINDER is installed in a few minutes. This keel fin stick is perfect for teaching beginner surfers. With the sUP WINDer installed, a kite in your hands and a bit of technique, you can stay upwind and come home to the same spot you started from. Get started in the sport of wingsurfing now, using the SUP board you already own! Learn more.

winderfin winter20 gg ss
LifeProof FRÄ’ Case for Magsafe for Iphone 13 Pro

Find out more. Consume less. FRÄ’, the WaterProof case for iPhone 13 Pro, is sealed to go anywhere and made from 60% recycled plastic. Always slim with a modern silhouette, FRÄ’ is at home in the office, at the ocean, and at the opening of the gallery. And when you get one, you can donate $ 1 – on us – to any of our water-focused nonprofits. Learn more.

winter21 gg kleenkanteen
Kleen Kanteen Pack Your Lunch Kit

The Pack Your Lunch Kit is a stainless steel set designed for work, school, or anywhere on the go. Features our 20oz plastic-free waterproof food box with snap and locking tab, plus a 16oz insulated food box to keep food hot for 7 hours and cold for 24 hours. Prepare your sandwich, your favorite meal, your leftovers, your snacks, your soup or any other breakfast. We also include a classic 20oz insulated water bottle to keep you hydrated. These reusable items are to take with you everywhere! Learn more.

winderfin winter20 gg ss

The world’s first active shark deterrent group. Designed for beach goers, ocean athletes and marine professionals, Sharkbanz uses patented magnetic technology developed by marine biologists to deter predatory shark species. Wear the bracelet on your ankle or wrist and feel more secure on the high seas. Learn more.

Boards – Inflatables

winderfin winter20 gg ss
SIC Maui Tao Air 10.6

The TAO Air is explicitly designed for the paddler who wants a take-out board with the family, surf small to medium-sized waves, take a SUP yoga class, or cruise the shore. Made from the best Drop Stitch (DSC) construction and lightweight and durable Support Stringer (SST) technology, these boards are light, stiff and reliable. They come in a complete package with a 3-piece adjustable paddle, ready to go. Learn more.

winderfin winter20 gg ss
POP Board Co. 10 “6 Royal Hawaiian

The inflatable board which won the Design Gear of The Year 2021 award. A complete kit of accessories and a board at a perfectly adapted price. This dynamic design and responsive shape will give you everything you want in the board of your dreams. The board kit is now in store, find your local dealer at POPBOARDCO.COM.

winter21 gg ph
Pau Hana 10’10 “Solo SUP â„¢

The Solo SUP â„¢ – Backcountry, is the first touring paddleboard, specially designed for backcountry adventures. He’s the darling of off-road hippies who surf, paddle and kayak, created specifically for digital nomads who want to explore secluded waterways accessible only by long hikes or portages. Learn more.

winderfin winter20 gg ss
TAHE Beach Wing 11.0

The 11 ‘Beach Wing AIR Complete Set is the perfect board for flat water cruises with family and friends as well as long distance sightseeing style adventures. The 11 ‘Wing Air is ideal for novice riders weighing up to 220 lbs / 100 kg. This complete set includes a rigid inflatable board, adjustable paddle, ankle safety leash, backpack, high pressure pump and repair kit. Learn more.

winderfin winter20 gg ss
Body Glove Tandem

The SUPYAK Inflatable Body Glove Tandem set is incredibly versatile, practical and durable. The 15ft board is ready for anything and is perfect for paddlers of all skill levels. Choose between 4+ paddling setups – two kayak paddlers, two SUP paddlers, a kayaker and a SUPer or a gondolier and a satisfied bather. Learn more.

See our review of the Tandem HERE.

winderfin winter20 gg ss
Bay Sports Cruise 9’6 “

Check out our 9’6 “cruise. Perfect for lighter riders who want a versatile board, which paddles well in flat water but can be blown away in the waves. It is an ideal board for smaller frames and better suited for less 80 kg This is a fun, compact and fun SUP board that will thrill as little as small! Learn more.

winderfin winter20 gg ss
Aztron Meteor 14’0 ” Racing SUP

The SUP Race METEOR 14’0 ” is designed for competitive racers looking to unleash their full racing potential. The new 2022 design unveils a redesigned performance-oriented shape with an extra narrow board width, straight outline and square pin-tail. This optimal ratio between length and width and carbon fiber inlay technology ensure lighter weight, maximum speed and gliding efficiency. Add to that the combination of the ultra-light Drop Stitch Core and the signature Double Chamber makes the peak performance ambition in the METEOR Race SUP collection a reality. Learn more.

Boards – Hard Tops

winderfin winter20 gg ss
Surftech prAna – Catalyst

The CATALYST / Tuflite V-Tech is the perfect board for the whole family. Joe BARK shaped the Catalyst for flat water cruising and it still works in small to medium surfs. The prAna collaboration uses a print from the 2020 swim collection that looks great and appeals to everyone who gets down to it. Using quality fiberglass, EPS, Greenpoxy resin (herbal epoxy system) and Surftech molding methods, we have achieved a very durable and lightweight board. The catalyst is included with 4 deck ties, a ledge handle, a padded rear handle and a 3/4 deck pad. Learn more.

See our review of the catalyst HERE.

winderfin winter20 gg ss
Starboard Touring

The Starboard Touring paddle board is suitable for all skill levels who want the fastest glide for quick paddling with comfortable stability and the ability to carry gear throughout the trip. Exceptional glide of a hull based on the design of the world champion All Star. The extra rail volume provides unique balance and flotation for transporting equipment and supplies. The board lifts well on downwind descents, offering excellent glide. Learn more.

winderfin winter20 gg ss
Aztron Falcon Carbon X 5’10 “foil board

Fly above and beyond! The new 2022 FALCON CARBON X 5’10 “is a fully optimized wing foil board for top performance. With its compact size and exceptionally light carbon and bamboo veneer construction, the FALCON X is extremely light yet stiff, which gives it better control for the The extra-wide bridge offers maximum surface area with plenty of volume, making it easier to grip while avoiding nose-down. The double concaves also boost performance with great stability and feel sweet Find out more.

winderfin winter20 gg ss
NSP – SLX – DC Super X

Bursting with style, the SLX DC Super X range is the direct result of riders demanding high performance longboard focus and exceptional surf versatility. The addition of the four channels at the bottom generates speed, while the swallowtail loosens the tail for greater maneuverability. Learn more.

Be sure to visit your local retailer to find all of these items and more this winter season!

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