Supconnect Awards: People’s Choice 2021


San Diego, CALIFORNIA – Now that the 2021 Supconnect Awards have concluded with the announcement of our winners, we wanted to thank those who got the most votes, what we call the People’s Choice Awards. These are the people who have received the most support from their friends, family and the SUP community and we want to give these nominees a little more recognition.

As a reminder, the official winners of the Supconnect Awards are chosen according to our criteria of Ambassador, Involvement, Performance and Support. To help us choose the winners of these awards, we at Supconnect go through an extremely rigorous process that includes consulting and receiving feedback from our Advisory Board, whose members are made up of people who are passionately involved in the sport of the booth. -up paddle and who have a unique vision of the sport. We take into account the thousands of interactions with the Awards from fans and consumers, we add our own comments from our editorial board and we have also had many comments and contacts with brands and retailers in the industry. You can learn more about our price history and our selection process here.

Without further ado, here is the audience’s choice for the Supconnect Awards 2021.

Man of the year

Mike shoreman

Canada’s Mike Shoreman is the inspiring force in the sport. Having lost his mobility in 2018, Mike showed what it means to get back on our boards. Mike sparked a global movement, with a viral conversation, uniting thousands of surfers around the world to come together to support people struggling with their mental health. The amount of attention Mike has brought to the sport of paddleboarding across various platforms is unprecedented, drawing millions of eyes to the sport across the globe. Mike founded “Paddle Across America”, an international day of mental health bringing together thousands of paddlers and water enthusiasts to benefit the National Alliance of Mental Illness in the United States and Canada’s premier mental health organization For the young. Mike will be departing New York on “Paddle Across America” to try and become the first person with a disability to cross international waters from one country to another.

mike shore

Woman of the Year

Fiona wylde

Fiona Wylde (Hood River, Oregon, USA) is originally from the windsurfing and kite surfing capital of America. So (no surprise!) She practices these two sports. But more interestingly, she comes from one of the biggest SUP programs for kids, hosted by the late Steve Gates, owner of Big Winds. Wylde’s raw talent and discipline found a catalyst in this place and group, catapulting her onto the world stage and to the top of the competitive stand-up paddleboarding scene. After graduation, she was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. But that didn’t stop her. Instead, Wylde now becomes all the more of an inspiration to the millions of people who face this challenge while aiming to continue living this sporting life in the great outdoors. Wylde has become a major threat on the APP World Tour in racing and surfing and won her first world title in 2016 and she continues to be a powerhouse in every event she competes in.

mike shore

Grandfather of the year

Thien-Cathrin Tusche

Thien-Cathrin Tusche (Germany), 12, is a young rising girl who loves to run. Thien-Cathrin killed him on his local racing scene and has already won four German youth championships in sprint, technical running and distance. She also won three Tschech Youth Championship victories in sprint, technical race and distance. If Thien-Cathrin continues on this path, she will be world champion in no time!

Mike shoreman

Boutique of the year

Rive-Sud paddleboards

South Shore Paddleboards is not only Long Island’s largest paddleboard store, but a place people will feel right at home. With comfy clothes and flip flops, creatively designed accessories and beach gifts for your home. South Shore Paddleboards want to make sure everyone is happy in the store as they will be paddling. They promise that choosing the right board will be fun and using the right board will be amazing. Because experiencing the glide is one of the best sensations there is!

mike shore

Brand of the year


Starboard is one of the best known SUP companies in the world. Starboard was founded and created by Svein Rasmussen, a windsurfing champion, in 1994. Starboard SUP is one of the main innovators of Stand Up Paddling, with a range of shapes and technological options among the most complete! You’ll find plenty of top athletes in the SUP space on a SUP Starboard, from SUP Racer World Champion Connor Baxter, to SUP surf pros and champions Benoit Carpentier, Shakira Westdorp and Zane Schweitzer. . Starboard offers a wide range of products from expert levels to beginner boards and everything in between.

Mike shoreman

Sales Representative of the Year

Jeramie Vaine

Jeramie Vaine, from Florida, is an avid paddler who enjoys doing it all: surf, yoga, run, adventure. This is what makes him great at his job. Currently Jeramie is Sales and Marketing Specialist at Imagine Surf, Sales Associate at Blueline Surf and Paddle Co and he is also a Yoga Instructor.

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