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The Surf Expo September 9-11 in Orlando, Fla. At the Orange County Convention Center saw buyers return, ready to shop, as exhibitors such as Compton, Calif., The Katin USA brand felt a commercial boom. | Photo courtesy of Surf Expo

During its run from September 9 to 11, the event producer emerald‘s Surf fair show returned to Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida. For Surf Expo show director and senior vice president of Emerald Roy Turner, the show’s success this past edition mirrored the industry, and he expects the momentum to continue in 2022, especially when the event launches its digital marketplace powered by Elastic Suite.

“Our job is often just to be a mirror of the markets we serve, and in September Surf Expo showed that buyers and sellers in the boardsports, beach, and resort markets were ready to resume their business. activities, ”Turner said. “We have seen new buyers as well as veterans and many companies have launched new brands with great success. Returning exhibitors have had the opportunity to meet unseen customers for the past 18-24 months. Like the industry we serve, there was business to be done.

Miami-based independent buyer Shirley Lippincott bought Caribbean retailer Red sail sports. Shopping for the main store season, which runs from December through May, Lippincott has placed numerous wholesale product orders from $ 23 to $ 65 and estimated the show offered a variety of items across all categories. Lippincott said he bought men’s lines Huck and Coastal Henry Costa in addition to women’s shoes from Shu Shop.

“There were a lot of new vendors that I had never seen before, and I’ve been going to this show for a very long time. I bought a lot of products from vendors I had never worked with, ”Lippincott said. “Each category had a good selection of suppliers and I don’t think there was anything missing. It was really good and really useful for us.

Hülya swim CEO and founder Hannah Patten noted that buyers are looking for unique pieces with competitive wholesale prices between $ 25 and $ 45. Meeting with buyers on the east coast, Patten said her brand’s eco-friendly swimwear resonated with them.

“When I would mention that the suits are made from recycled materials, that would be the downtime for people to come in and check out,” Patten said. “[I] made a lot of great connections and met a lot of great brands that want to work together and do collaborations and meet new buyers.

At Katin United States stand, the company’s senior vice president of Compton, Calif., Dale Rhodes, saw buyers from Florida and the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States. The 67-year-old brand has seen demand for its dusty colors and vintage hues as well as its walking shorts.

“It was a blockbuster. We got a new setup and a new look. We’ve been busy for three solid days, ”Rhodes said. “There were a lot of people I didn’t expect to see and they did. People feel a little more confident. Everyone wore their masks and everyone was conscientious.

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