Surfers grow increasingly frustrated with the unimaginative “super swell” nicknames of leading surf forecasters, look to serial killers for inspiration!

Owen stiffed for almost a mill, Tyler for a half brick, Mikey 151k.

A year ago, the cops attacked the accountant of the famous Wright family who had secretly transferred money to each other invest in horse betting and poker machines.

“The rest of the money was wasted,” they said.

Shane Maree Hatton, a family friend of the Wrights, although that friendship has since grown somewhat strained, was an accountant for the Wrights’ plumbing business.

When the kids started collecting the sponsor’s money, Hatton took over their finances as well.

“There is a tendency of family friends and relatives, who are less than qualified, who manage large sums of money and they cannot resist the temptation to take some of the money for themselves- same,” said State Crime Command Director Detective Chief Superintendent Darren. Bennett told The Daily Telegraph.

Red flags were raised when celebrity agent Nick Fordham, who handles Tyler’s sponsorship deals, saw the books and noticed the balance was a little lower than expected.

Owen blamed his parents for ransacking his fortune.

In a letter to the court, he wrote: “My relationship with my parents is still damaged because of the anger issues I had around it…I was still being robbed when I could barely walk and the doctors said I would never work again…I wanted to retire, but I couldn’t financially and fought back…risking my life in the process.

Hatton, a well-preserved fifty-three-year-old whose neatly pressed blonde crown suggests a love affair with the sun and the sea, was caught red-handed by the fraud squad and hit with 749 charges of obtaining dishonest financial benefits.

It could have been a model of sunglasses. Instead, chose to fly. A lesson there.

Court documents showed the extent of the fraud committed over eight years, with Owen being stiffed for almost a million dollars as he struggled to overcome a mysterious brain injury.

From 2012 to 2020, Hatton stole $818,642.80 from Owen, transferring his money to herself in 334 transactions ranging from $27.65 to $4,668.

Tyler was hit for $586,805.07, in 295 trades ranging from $21 to $4,675.

Mikey touched $151,201.23 in 63 trades ranging from $40 to $3,538.55.

Their mom and dad, Rob and Fiona, lost $81,025.29.

Earlier in the day, Hatton was jailed for at least three years and ordered to pay back half of the stolen money, the court said she had already paid back one hundred thousand dollars.

Hatton told the sentencing judge that addiction took over. I didn’t feel like I could stop. »

A happy ending for anyone.

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